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5 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger


Small bedroom uses a mirror to make the room look bigger

Nowhere feels quite like home and your bedroom is the most personal space in your entire house. Your bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary, a place where you feel calm, relaxed, and at ease. This can be tough to accomplish if you’re tight on space. It may be more difficult, but it’s not impossible! We want you to learn how to make a small bedroom look bigger with these space-enhancing tricks from home decor and design experts:

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Use Vertical Space

A small space can start to feel claustrophobic. If you have too many things all next to one another, or those things are too large, they can quickly overwhelm a space. This displaces the feelings of rejuvenation and peace you should feel in your room. When you’re dealing with a small room, think vertically! While you don’t have much floor space, you have plenty up above. Use the walls right up to the ceiling, with bookcases or shelving units that are tall enough to reach the top. When you use the space efficiently like this, you’re not only adding more storage but also drawing the eye upwards, making the room seem larger.

Incorporate Mirrors

The trick is in every designer’s playbook! Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to fool the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it is. When it comes to revamping your bedroom, there are so many ways to work them in. Try:

  • Full length mirrors on the walls
  • Mirrored closet doors
  • Ornate mirror over the dresser
  • Starburst mirror over the bed
  • Small mirrors grouped on the wall

Even a chrome-finished lamp will help! If you’re able to choose two or three, your bedroom will magically "expand" without any restoration or remodeling work at all!

Match Your Curtains to the Walls

In a small bedroom, it’s better to match your walls and window treatments rather than try to contrast or add bold patterns. Following these design rules keeps the eye moving across the space, fooling your brain into seeing the room as wider than it really is. We offer several beautiful and functional options, like curtains made by Ann Gish, Intelligent Design, and Sun Smart. These curtains are offered in any color, so there’s sure to be one that matches your bedroom walls perfectly. It is worth noting that it doesn’t have to be an exact match. For instance, these fabulous Ann Gish Terrazzo Silver Room Darkening Curtain Panels would pair nicely with grey walls. 

Create a Low-Profile Bed

This is another way to add space to the room by thinking vertically. Your bed is the central piece of your room- both in function and physical space. For this reason, it is going to have a big effect on how small or spacious the room feels. One of the quickest ways to achieve the illusion of a more spacious bedroom is to lower the bed altogether. This can be done by placing your mattress on a low-profile foundation. While a traditional foundation is nine inches high, our City Mattress Arches Foundation can be had in six inches. Doing so quite literally leaves more room to breathe above you, making the room look and feel bigger than it is.

Choose a Thin Bed Frame and Headboard

In a small room, you simply don’t have the space for something big and bulky. This will overwhelm the space. Instead, opt for a bed with a more lithe silhouette. Looks for designs that are open, sleek, or delicate, like the Hillsdale Cali Bed. In fact, almost all the bed and headboard designs from Hillsdale meet this criteria! The Wesley Allen Laredo Iron Bed With Metal Profile Frame is another favorite because it meets the need for an “open” headboard with a low-to-the-ground bed! These styles will create a sense of air flow around the bed instead of taking up a huge chunk of the square footage. 

Learning how to make a small bedroom look bigger is not only easy, but also actually quite fun! Your bedroom is where you relax, recharge, and sleep. You want it to be comfortable, which means enough room to easily move around. It doesn’t take much to create a feeling of more space than there really is. Incorporate one, two, or all these ideas into your bedroom. You’ll be walking around easier, sleeping better, and waking up happier!