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Cool, Dark, and Quiet: The 3 Keys to a Slumber Oasis


Cool Dark Quiet Bedroom

If you’re looking up ways to get better sleep, you will find plenty of advice. You can and should be sleeping on a high-quality and supportive mattress, of course. Beyond this, there are plenty of tips to do everything from read a book before bed to exercise early in the morning. While all of this is great advice, it ignores a really big part of falling asleep and staying asleep: your bedroom. You need to not just build a bed you love sleeping in, but also make sure your bedroom is a sleep sanctuary. This means it should be cool, dark, and quiet. All three of these are essential to a bedroom that is perfect for sleeping in.

With this in mind, here are our suggestions for not why it is important to keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet, but also how to accomplish it. 


A few small adjustments to your bedroom can result in better sleep and a higher level of sleep satisfaction. Keep your room cool enough that your body eases to sleep. To do this, set your room’s temperature between 62 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you look at this and are concerned for your monthly electric bill, you should know the mattress you’re sleeping on makes a big difference in how cool or hot you are.

You can also sleep on a mattress made specifically to keep you cool at night. PranaSleep’s flagship PranaSleep Collection, which includes the Wahe Luxury Plush and Vinyasa Firm, has their patented Ultra Quilt layer. This top layer provides a breathable, cushioning layer between you and the latex that regulates your body’s temperature and keeps you from getting too warm while you sleep. 

Other great mattresses that keep you cool when you sleep include options made by Tempur-Pedic. The Tempur-Pedic brand is well known for this. A Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze mattress keeps you up to eight degrees cooler throughout the night! Maximum airflow is provided from the Tempur CM Comfort layer. The support layer has Ventilated Tempur-APR – Advanced pressure relief, a new breakthrough technology. The SmartClimate Max Dual Cover System has a zippered, removable and washable cover that is double cool to the touch. This mattress has four levels of Breeze Technology enabling you to sleep cooler and spend time in Deep Sleep, no matter what the temperature is outside.


Long ago before clocks, people knew to go to sleep and wake up based on whether it was light or dark outside. Your body still recognizes sunlight as nature’s alarm clock. At night, limit your exposure to both natural and artificial light. Yes, this means your television! Consider installing blackout curtains if you feel you may be getting too much light at night, like from a neighbor’s house or the street lights. We offer several beautiful and functional options, like curtains made by Ann Gish, Intelligent Design, and Sun Smart. These curtains are offered in any color or print you can imagine, so there’s sure to be one that matches your bedroom decor perfectly.


Now, your room is both cool and dark. The last thing to check off the list is to ensure it is quiet enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sound is one of the biggest disruptors of sleep. Your body requires a quiet and peaceful environment to fall asleep and avoid any disturbances that might wake you up in the middle. Experts believe that unexpected noises and sounds tend to wake up the body as you transition through the various stages of sleep. This primarily happens during the earlier sleep cycles, before Deep Sleep and REM. Turn off anything you can that is loud, like the television. Ask family members or roommates who are still awake to limit their noise as much as possible. 

What if you can’t make it totally quiet? This is when a Yogasleep noise machine can be very handy. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, have a pet that rumbles around, a partner that snores, or a loud air conditioner outside of your window, you want to drown out the noise. The quieter it is, the more acute your hearing becomes. If you have soft, ambient sounds in the background, your brain doesn’t focus on one sound, like the hum of the pool filter, and grow annoyed by it. A sound machine doesn’t eliminate disruptive noises, of course, but they do help make them less noticeable to you. There are three different types of noises available from sound machines: White, pink, and Brown. There are also nature sounds, like waves crashing or rain, and the sound of a fan. Want to try something different every night? Get a sound machine that allows you to change settings, like the Whish Multi-Sound Machine

This information can feel like a lot to remember, but well worth it in order to have the sleep you need. When you visit your nearest City Mattress location, begin by discussing your current sleep situation with our Sleep Experts. They’ll know which products to show you so you can begin looking at your best options. Very soon, you’ll have a night of deep, restful sleep and wonder how you ever went so long without a bedroom that is cool, dark, and quiet!