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How Better Sleep Supports Your New Year's Resolutions


It’s the start of a new year and a new you! With 35% of US adults getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night, we suggest making getting better sleep one of your new year’s resolutions. Regardless of what goals you’re trying to reach this year, one thing’s for sure: Good quality rest is the foundation for a happier, healthier, and stronger lifestyle—and Tempur Pedic® is the brand we recommend to help you get it. Keep reading to learn why.

How Sleep Helps You Reach Your Goals:

Improve energy levels and cognitive function

If your goal is to learn a new language or maintain the motivation to keep up a new habit, better sleep is key. While you sleep, your brain processes all the memories it accumulated during the day. It takes at least four consecutive hours of sleep to strengthen memories and build connections between new pieces of information. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with any Tempur-Pedic® mattress, which are all made with legendary TEMPUR Material®. This one-of-a-kind memory foam was originally developed by NASA and adapted for sleep to help you get deeper, undisturbed rest.

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Maintain healthier eating habits

Hormones like ghrelin and leptin help tell your brain when you’re hungry or full. Not getting good quality rest can prevent your body from regulating these hormone levels, making you more likely to snack or overeat. When your body isn’t getting enough rest, it also produces more of the stress hormone, cortisol—which can turn “hungry” into “hangry.”  

Sometimes, genetics and weight gain can cause snoring that keeps you (or your partner) up at night. We recommend the TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base with Sleep Tracker, which senses snoring and automatically raises you or your partner's head to a position (once at approximately 12 degrees) that may help reduce snoring.

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Reinforce your immunity and muscle building at night

Your body does a lot of work while you sleep. Just as sleep strengthens cognitive memory, it also strengthens immune memory, or your body’s ability to recognize and react to disease or infection. If you’re working out regularly and trying to build strength, sleep is also when your body repairs and builds new muscle.

If you’re a hot sleeper or working out close to bedtime, it can be difficult to get comfortable or fall asleep quickly to maximize your sleep hours. Cooling mattresses are the perfect solution—such as Tempur-Pedic® LUXEbreeze° and PRObreeze° mattresses designed to adapt to your weight, shape, and temperature to minimize tossing and turning.

Good sleep is worth investing in—and pays back dividends night after night

There you have it! Getting good quality rest for 7-8 hours a night can help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. And even if your only goal is to sleep in more regularly, Tempur-Pedic® can help you do that, too. After all, you can relax knowing that all Tempur-Pedic® products come with a 10-year warranty, plus free shipping and delivery when you order from City Mattress. Give yourself a head start on your new year and shop Tempur-Pedic® at City Mattress today.