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Sheex Pajamas and Loungewear: The Key to Better Sleep


Sheex Pajamas

Improving your sleep is the most important thing you can do for your overall health! When you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for eight hours, your health, mood, and productivity will improve. This healthy sleep is important for both physical and mental health. 

The Importance of Getting Healthy Sleep

Time and time again, research has proven this to be true. Science tells us that getting good sleep every night means you get sick less often, stay at a healthy weight, lower your risk for serious health, have less stress, stay in a better mood, think more clearly, perform better at work, get along easier with people, make good decisions, and even avoid injuries. When you’re not sleeping well, you’re not doing much of anything else well either!

Clearly, sleep is something that should be a priority in your life. You have a great mattress, as well as comfortable pillows and linens. What’s next? Pajamas! Yes, the sleepwear you’re wearing to bed also has a big impact on how quickly you fall asleep and whether or not you stay asleep all night long. This is why we now carry pajamas and loungewear!

Wait- pajamas? Yes! City Mattress is more than just great new mattresses! On our website, you'll also find sound machines, soothing spa accessories, blackout curtains, and anything else you need to sleep great. This includes Sheex sleep clothes!

How Pajamas Affect Your Sleep

While most of us think that being healthy entails life-changing habits, it can be as simple as just wearing the right pajamas to sleep. We often talk about people who wake up because they get too warm at night, there’s just as many whose sleep suffer because they get too cold. Especially on cold winter nights, the right pajamas mean you can snuggle down warm and toasty, all night long. For a similar reason, wearing pajamas at night also lowers the risk of getting a cold or flu. You may accidentally knock your blankets off while asleep or your partner could steal them. If you’re uncovered in your sleep in a chilly room long enough, you will most likely get a cold.  

It’s also about hygiene. Your sleepwear acts as a barrier between your body and bed sheets. While a good night’s sleep helps you recharge for the next day’s activities, your skin also sheds the dead cells and renews itself. If you’re not wearing pajamas, all of this dead skin and bacteria goes right onto your sheets. The next night there’s more, and so on and so on. When you go to bed in your pajamas, most of the dead skin and bacteria will end up in your clothes that go into the washing machine, and not on your bed sheets.

Don’t forget about comfort! Being comfortable in your sleep will help you get into a deep sleep quickly and stay there for a good amount of time without interruptions. This is possible with a nice pair of pajamas made from the right material for your skin. Sheex pajamas are made from the same signature performance fabric as the sheets. Quick-drying and moisture-wicking, these pajamas keep your body at an ideal temperature while sleeping and lounging. This material is also wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and stretchy. 

Sheex Pajamas and Loungewear

Adding Sheex to our lineup is only one way we show that we’re committed to offering the absolute best sleep and health products on the market today. That is because Sheex is world renown for some of the best performance bedding and sleepwear on the market today. For both men and women, these comfortable clothes are the perfect thing to wear when climbing into bed. For women, we carry tops, shorts, and even the incredibly comfortable Elevated Performance Keyhole Sleep Tee Dress. Men can sleep in the Elevated Performance Lounge Shorts, short-sleeve shirts, or long-sleeve shirts. Anyone and everyone can appreciate the perfect joggers for lounging around the house! Whatever type of comfortable loungewear you’re looking for, you can find it in our Sheex collection

Getting the deep, uninterrupted sleep your body needs will improve your overall quality of life. Sheex thinks it is time you put an end to overheating and other sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations, and we agree! By outfitting your bed, and yourself, with the right products you will be able to start getting the great night’s sleep your body needs to perform at its best.