Learn More About BeautyRest Mattresses

What's unique about the Simmons Beautyrest Black collection?

The Beautyrest Black mattress models feature Micro Diamond Memory Foam and SurfaceCool Plus Fiber to increase breathability and promote cooling while you sleep. For an upgrade in temperature regulation technology, select models have Beautyrest Black Ice Memory Foam.

Are body impressions normal and what method is used by Simmons to measure impressions?

Body impressions is a normal characteristic of premium bedding for plush mattresses. Impressions of 38mm or less on the mattress in all sleeping areas is considered within the industrial tolerance limit. Simmons method of measuring body impression which we measure body impression is similarly employed by most other bedding brands.

How do I protect my beauryrest mattress from stains and getting soiled?

The best way to protect your mattress from stains or being soiled is to use Simmons Beautyrest mattress protector. Simmons mattress protectors feature the unique Expand-A-Grip benefit to hold mattress protector firmly to mattress. The Expand-A-Grip feature allows the mattress protector to fit 4″ to 15″ thick mattress. Its glove-like fit allows proper sheet fit. Filled with polyester fiberfill and antimicrobial-treated fabric, it helps to eliminate household dust mites and protect the fiberfill from growth of mildew and control odors. It is 100% cotton-made, making it very comfortable and it adds an additional layer of breathable comfort to your mattress. It is machine washable and dryable.

Does Simmons carry pillows?

City Mattress carries a wide variety of pillows from top brands like PranaSleep, DreamFit, Sferra, and more. We do not carry Simmons pillows.

How do I move my Beautyrest mattress?

Most Simmons Beautyrest mattresses weigh well over 100 lbs. When delivered, our friendly team will put it in the spot you choose. If you decide to move it later on, it is recommended to have several people lift and move it together.

Do BeautyRest mattresses have a cooling system?

All Simmons mattress models have some form of cooling technology, but each also has something unique to offer. Beautyrest mattresses use AirFeel foam, AirCool gel memory foam, and SurfaceCool fibers to help regulate body temperature and promote airflow while you sleep.

Does the Beautyrest Black mattress work with adjustable bed frames?

Yes! These Beautyrest Black mattresses work well with adjustable bed frames.

Beautyrest vs Serta - which one is right for me?

If you are ready to sleep through the night without getting so hot you wake up, you may want to begin your search looking into the Beautyrest Black mattresses. On the other hand, perhaps you’re tired of your partner waking you up and so the Deep Reaction Memory Foam in Serta iComfort mattresses is a better fit. You won’t know for sure which mattress is the right one of you until you come into a City Mattress location and feel them for yourself!

Does Simmons Beautyrest mattress have cooling technology?

Beautyrest mattresses use AirFeel foam, AirCool gel memory foam and SurfaceCool fibers to help regulate body temperature and promote airflow while you sleep.

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