Kids Bedding

About Our Kids Bedding

When decorating your kids’ bedroom, their bedding is as much an expression of their personalities as the rest of their decor. While the look of your kids’ bedding is certainly important, it’s also about their comfort! A quality set of sheets and a warm comforter can create a snuggly bed they look forward to sleeping in, which means quieter nights for you. A top-tier bedding set made by a brand you can trust, using only the best materials, can be a real game-changer for your kids.

Your Kids Bedding Options

At City Mattress, we have dozens of kids bedding options, from crib sheets to full size bedding. We even offer a queen size option! This means there’s something for any age, from infants to teens. Choose from a variety of brands, materials, patterns, and colors to get the right look and feel for your child’s bed. If your child suffers from anxiety or restless sleep, you might also consider a weighted blanket to soothe them to their dreams.

What Else You Should Know About Our Kids Bedding

Sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter are obvious choices for any kid’s bed. In addition, we recommend extra protection from a mattress or pillowcase protector. These make nighttime accidents, spills, and other stains a worry of the past. Liquid damage voids most mattress warranties, so protecting your investment is a must.

Learn More About Kids Bedding - FAQ

You’ll want to choose your kids’ bedding based on their mattress size. Most kids' bedding comes in twin or full sizes, while we also carry bedding for cribs.

Absolutely! Our weighted blankets for kids are just the right weight to give them a sense of being hugged to sleep. However, we don’t recommend using a weighted blanket for children under two years old. Your child should be able to move the blanket with ease.

We highly recommend a mattress protector to prolong mattress life and preserve your warranty.