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About Soft-Tex Pillows

Incorporating the latest in sleep innovation, the Soft-Tex® goal is to build the most comfortable products that help the world sleep and live better. With solution-oriented technology, our assortment of Soft-Tex® pillows aims to enhance your sleep quality and everyday life through their one-of-a-kind designs while addressing your sleep needs. Whether it’s features like cooling, cleanliness, wellness-infusions, antimicrobials, unique fills and foams, or allergen barriers, each bed pillow from our Soft-Tex® lineup includes multiple patents and specialty materials for an array of benefits that upgrade your sleep environment. Continually focusing on comfort and safety, all of our Soft-Tex® pillows meet the highest quality standards with active quality control functions, regular inspections, and factory audits. Each memory foam pillow uses CertiPUR-US certified foam products with strict content, emissions, durability, and performance requirements.

Your Options with Soft-Tex Pillows

Discover your perfect pillow for restorative rest within our Soft-Tex® collection that combines high-quality materials, innovative engineering, and industry-leading technology. Whether you’re a sensitive sleeper, hot sleeper, back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper, each Soft-Tex® pillow is thoughtfully designed to target and solve your every want and need. Complementing your unique sleep style and positioning, the selection includes travel pillows, lumbar pillows, bolster pillows, neck pillows, knee support pillows, gusseted pillows, bed wedge pillows, contoured pillows, classic bed pillows, and more. With an array of various foams and fills to choose from, the open-cell memory foam stays cooler and breathable, and molded memory foam delivers therapeutic pressure relief. The fiber pillows provide lofty plush comfort, while gel-infused pillows give additional cooling properties. Enhancing your sleep experience at the surface, Soft-Tex’s luxury fabrics, high-quality fibers, and advanced treatments take your head, neck, and shoulder support to the next level with clean comfort and a smooth, cool feel as you drift off to sleep.

What Else You Should Know About Soft-Tex Pillows

Offering peace of mind through eco-friendly products, manufacturing, and packaging whenever possible, Soft-Tex® utilizes sustainability initiatives that work towards protecting the future of our planet. With the EcoShape™ manufacturing process, precise fill molds create the memory foam pillow’s shape, minimizing waste compared to the considerable amount of scraps produced by slabstock foam bun cutting. Recycling the shredded memory foam from other cut foam manufacturing processes, Soft-Tex® repurposes the pieces throughout their mattress toppers and pillows with shredded memory foam fill.


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