Summer Birds Hand Painted Canvases


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This pretty pair of herons, depicted in muted grays, whites, and browns with a hint of blue, is a delightful addition to any room in your home. Tall and majestic, these waders are known to step languidly and noiselessly through the water, searching for their next meal. Up close, you can see the watercolor-style brush strokes are indistinct, suggesting a ghostly, intangible quality. Commonly spotted in quiet estuaries and coastal regions, these stately creatures are a beauty to behold. Hand-painted, these canvases are encased in silver gallery frames. Hang them side by side or on different walls.


  • Set of 2
  • Hand-painted in white, gray, brown and blue
  • Each piece is unique
  • Watercolor style
  • Silver gallery frame
  • 31 pounds
  • Perfect for either beach house or year-round home
  • 26 inches wide, 47 inches high and 2 inches deep
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