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3 Things to Look for in a New Sleeper Sofa


Couple arranges their new brown sleeper sofa in guest room

For those times an overnight guest visits, you need to have a comfortable place to have them sleep. If this doesn’t happen very often, it would be a waste to dedicate an entire room when it would be better for your lifestyle to have the space be a home office or playroom. This is why sleeper sofas are so popular! 

If you’re feeling a bit hesitant to get a sleeper sofa, it is probably because you haven’t seen what today’s sleeper sofas are like. You may be picturing your guest having a terrible night, tossing and turning as they attempt to sleep with a metal bar poking into the back. In the past, sleeper sofas have had the reputation of being bulky and uncomfortable. Nothing could be further from what today’s sleeper sofas will feel like! Modern sleeper sofas are both fashionable and comfortable for sitting and sleeping. This is important, because you may only use yours for sleeping a few times a year or for holiday purposes, so you want to make sure the sofa part of your sleeper sofa does its job as well as the bed part. 

Any furniture piece is a big purchase. Where do you even begin? There seems to be a lot to understand! It’s very easy to find a sleeper sofa you will absolutely adore. In addition to referencing our recent article: "4 Steps to Finding the Right Sleeper Sofa", follow three simple steps:

Choose a sleeper sofa you’ll love to look at.

Even though the function is important, begin your search with how the sofa actually looks. No one wants an ugly couch front and center in the room, so only move forward considering the ones you like the looks of. Many styles allow you to choose not just the color, but the fabric too. First, make sure you like the design, then ask about customization. For example, the Luonto Naples Sleeper is stocked in a light gray fabric, but it is available in leather or other fabric as a special order. It’s also available as a chair if space is tight. If you want a sectional sofa, you’ll need to decide if it looks better in your space to have the chaise on the right or left.

You don’t need to sacrifice the style you love just for the convenience and functionality of a sleeper sofa. After all, you’ll be looking at this sofa every time you’re in the room!

Makes sure it’s comfortable as a couch and a bed.

Sit on the sofa! You don’t need to sit on a lumpy, hard, or otherwise uncomfortable sofa all year long just to have a sleeper a few nights a year. Once you’ve found one that’s comfortable to sit on, open it up and try out the sleeping surface. Don’t settle for a mattress that’s too hard or too soft. Just like a high-quality mattress, this sleep surface should mold to your body, creating the perfect sleeping experience for anyone who spends the night on it.

Another important consideration when shopping for a sleeper sofa is that you not be able to feel the supporting metal bars and springs through the mattress. Anyone who has slept on a terrible old sofa knows what this feels like! The mattress should be thick enough so all you feel is blissful comfort. When you give your guest supportive pillows, breathable linens, and a cozy down comforter, they will snuggle down and forget they’re technically on a couch!

Choose one made from a brand known for high-quality.

We carry mattresses made from the top brands, like Aireloom, Tempur-Pedic, and PranaSleep. This same dedication to providing you with the best options extends to our sleeper sofa selection as well. We are proud to offer you sleeper sofas from these brands:


If you’re looking for the best of the best, you want a sleeper sofa made by Luonto. All Luonto sleepers are organically produced with minimal waste and emissions and are individually bench-made by Scandinavian craftsmen. The seat frame is constructed of solid spruce, so you know this piece is top-quality. They’re shipped here from Europe, to our store and then we bring it to you. With Luonto, you can custom select a sofa in a specific color or fabric. In a matter of a few months, you could have a sleeper sofa you literally designed yourself delivered to you by the same friendly, considerate City Mattress delivery team you already know and trust.


Over the past 75 years, the Palliser brand has grown but our values remain the same. They are committed to providing exceptional and enduring handcrafted home furnishings to customers around the world. Every piece of Palliser furniture is created with care by skilled artisans and made to be loved for generations. This includes a Palliser sleeper sofa available through City Mattress, like the Celebration Queen Sleeper. The attached seat and back cushions remain attached during the seamless transition from sofa to bed. The included mattress features a combination of high-density and plush foams topped off with gel-infused memory foam to dissipate heat and keep the body cool during sleep. That’s perfect!

Sleeper sofas are incredibly practical. The compact design makes them a perfect seating area in your living room or another spare space. When you have guests, you can quickly and easily pull it flat to create a comfortable sleeping surface. If you’re in the market for a sleeper sofa, visit your local City Mattress store today and our Sleep Experts will help you choose the perfect sleeper sofa for you. You can also view our sleeper sofa selection online and ask any questions you may have by clicking the red “chat with us” button at the bottom, right corner.