Memory Foam Pillows

About Memory Foam Pillows

If you love a memory foam mattress, chances are good you will like sleeping on a memory foam pillow as well! These pillows are moldable and offer good support as you sleep, and then bounce right back to their original shape when you get up. This can make a memory foam option great for those suffering from neck and back pain.

Memory Foam Material

Memory foam is initially firm when you lay down, but softens due to pressure and body heat. This means it molds around the contours of your body. In terms of pillows, a memory foam pillow cradles the neck and head during sleep, feeling firm but offering a lot of support. Memory foam molds around the contours of the head or body and has a slow response time. Memory foam is generally seen as better for back sleepers, as it offers the best back and neck support that way.

Your Options with Memory Foam Pillows

PureCare, Aireloom, and Cariloha are only the beginning of great memory foam pillow brands we carry here at City Mattress. We also offer Blu Sleep memory foam pillows in scents like Vitality Aloe, Soothing Lavender, and Green Tea.

What Else You Should Know About Memory Foam Pillows

When going with memory foam, you can purchase a high profile pillow, a gel-infused pillow, and many other option you’ve never considered before. How will you ever decide? The key is to let an expert help you! You can speak with one of our industry experts via our online chat portal. We’ll explain all of this to you, and more. When you put your pillow into your digital cart, you’ll know for sure you got the right new pillow for you!

Learn More About Memory Foam Pillows

Side sleepers may need a firmer, thicker pillow. Experts recommend you look for one that’s as thick as the distance between your ear and outside shoulder. Stomach sleepers often prefer a soft pillow underneath their head. A pillow under your stomach and pelvis may help prevent back pain. Back sleepers may need a soft, flatter pillow, to keep your head and neck in alignment. If you have neck pain and sleep on your back, look for a pillow that provides additional support, while maintaining the softness that’s comfortable for you.

Just like in a mattress, the material your pillow is made of is personal to your comfort preferences. If you like a latex mattress, you may like a latex pillow as well. Some materials are naturally softer, like down or feather, with others are moldable, like memory foam. The choice is yours!

The term "orthopedic" essentially means it is good for your back and spinal alignment. Yes, this type of pillow can be very good to ensure you wake up without aches and pains. It isn't the only one, though. Other materials like latex, gel, and more can be considered orthopedic as well.

Memory foam is polyurethane combined with some chemicals that allow it to contour to your body. It is man-made material specifically designed to mold to your body in order to be both comfortable and supportive.

Just as the name sounds, gel pillows are gel-infused memory foam pillows. These pillows are made with memory foam that has been infused with gel particles or beads. This means that the gel is spread evenly throughout the memory foam, from the core to surface, to make your perfect night of sleep possible!

Memory foam is known for helping with pain. It’s a top choice among people with arthritis and other chronic pain. The contouring also helps to keep the body in a natural alignment. If you’re the type of person who struggles to get comfortable on a traditional mattress, or you have a hard time finding an ideal firmness level, then you’ll probably appreciate this material. It's also hypoallergenic and offers amazing pressure point relief.

We recommend you purchase the highest-quality memory foam pillow you can afford. This way the quality will be higher and you'll go longer before needing to replace it. Find a pillow that matches your exact needs. Some are designed for specific sleeping positions, like side sleepers. There's also pillows made esepecially for people who get hot when they sleep and other unique sleep needs.

No, memory foam should not be put in the washing machine unless specified otherwise on the tag. Memory foam is like a sponge. If put in a washing machine, it will become waterlogged and damaged. If you have to wash your memory foam pillow, spot-clean it.

A quality memory foam pillow can last several years. Because the foam can bounce back to its original shape, these pillows tend to have a longer useful lifespan. Look for a pillow that has a higher density, as these tend to last longer and won’t sag over time.

Memory foam is known for helping with pain. Memory foam pillows offer the best balance of support and pressure relief. Memory foam molds in response to heat and pressure, contouring to form a supportive cradle around the head and neck.