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About Our Full XL Mattresses

A full XL mattress is 53”W x 80”L, which gives it the width of a full mattress and the length of a queen. For this reason, full XL is the largest size bed designed for a single sleeper. If you sleep alone, and you want the most sleep surface available for one person, a full XL mattress is the right size for you. With five more inches of length than a standard full mattress, a full XL size mattress offers the same amount of head and foot room as a queen or even king size bed.

Our Full XL Mattress Options

Because full XL mattresses are less popular than other sizes, not all brands manufacture them. However, you’ll find fantastic options from our own City Mattress brand of mattresses, as well as PranaSleep. City Mattress innerspring mattresses contain a SuperSense coil system that includes foam-encased support along the edges of the mattress, which enhances stability and provides a strong sitting edge. 

PranaSleep full XL mattresses contain latex, for contoured comfort without the “sinking” of memory foam. Many of PranaSleep’s full XL mattresses feature unique blends of Talalay latex of varying densities. Because the latex is blended with rubber, which is a renewable resource, these mattresses are environmentally friendly and built to last. PranaSleep Latex helps the mattresses conform to the curves of your body to deliver excellent support and comfort.

Beyond the brands and their materials, you can also find a full XL mattress that suits your comfort level. Firm mattresses have less “give,” and provide extra strong support for your back. Plush mattresses are a bit softer, allowing for pressure relief, especially for side sleepers. Our pillow top mattresses offer the softest experience, while still featuring a strong support layer for proper spinal alignment.

What Else You Should Know About Our Full XL Mattresses

The full XL mattress is recommended for single sleepers. Couples will want to consider a queen size mattress or even a king for optimal comfort and support. No matter what size mattress you choose, City Mattress offers free local setup and delivery with every mattress we sell, regardless of price. Trust City Mattress to help you find the right full XL mattress today!

Learn More About Full XL Mattresses - FAQ

A full XL mattress measures 53”W x 80”L. This equals the width of a full size mattress and the length of a king or queen mattress.

City Mattress offers a wide selection of linens and bedding, with many choices in full XL.

A full size comforter will be the correct width for a full XL mattress, but it will come up short in length. On the other hand, a queen size comforter will be the correct length, but it will hang lower on the sides.

Yes! A full XL bed provides the maximum growing room without occupying the space of a queen size bed.

A full XL size mattress is five inches longer than a full size mattress, making it the same length as a queen size mattress.

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