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About Our Full Mattresses

City Mattress’s full mattresses provide amazing support, comfort and spaciousness. Of all the mattresses intended for single sleepers, full-size beds are the widest at 53 by 75 inches — 15 inches wider than a twin. Our full-size mattresses are the best compromise between saving space and maximizing comfort. What you don’t have to compromise on is a good night’s sleep. Full mattresses can be a great investment because of their versatility. If you have kids, when upgrading from a crib, a full bed might be the way to go. It leaves enough room for lots of stuffed animals, pillows and even a parent to sit and read a story. Later, when your child is a teenager, they’ll have more space than a twin would provide. Once your child is grown and has moved out, their old full bed can be repurposed as a guest bed. Adult guests who visit will be much more comfortable than they would be in a twin bed.

Our Full Mattress Options

When it comes to finding the full size bed that’s right for you, we’re here to help. Every sleeper is different, so we have mattresses made of layers of soft and luxurious memory foam, supportive and high-quality innersprings, or a combination of both. We also have some models that contain latex foam, a material that conforms to your body as you sleep. Most of our models are compatible with adjustable beds. Our full mattresses come in firm, plush and pillow top. With all the choices available, it’s easy to find a mattress that’s perfect for you.

What Else You Need to Know About Our Full Mattresses

At City Mattress, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and we want to help you achieve that. When it comes to picking out a full mattress, we carry 10 brands you can choose from. This means that you have a wider range of options when it comes to pricing, so no matter your budget, we have a full mattress for you.

We’re here to Help

If you’re searching for the perfect full size mattress (also known as a double size mattress), City Mattress can help you find it. Whether you prefer to shop online or instore, we have the tools and experts to simplify your search. Let us take the guesswork out of your mattress shopping experience!

Full Mattress Options

Once you know what size mattress you need, you’re at the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are a lot of options to consider, depending on your specific sleep needs. If you suffer with back pain, a firmer mattress might suit you best. On the other hand, if you often sleep on your side, a softer top will give you better support. Temperature is another important factor in your decision – some materials sleep warmer than others. To help you get the most from your shopping experience, the following information can be used as a guide.


Every full mattress we offer includes a softness rating, from 1 (firmest) to 10 (softest). How firm or soft a mattress ranks is an important part of finding the right mattress for you. Plush and euro tops provide a softer, more cushioned experience for pressure point relief, while firm tops provide more support for spinal alignment and back pain. Softness also impacts sleep temperature – softer tops envelop your body more, reducing air flow, while firmer tops keep more of your body above the sleep surface, thereby increasing air flow for a cooler experience.


A full size mattress can comfortably sleep one adult, and may accommodate two in a pinch. A standard full or double mattress measures 54”W x 75”L. For taller sleepers, we also offer full XL as an option. A full XL mattress measures 54”W x 80”L, giving it the same length as a king or queen.

Adjustable Friendly

Many of our full mattresses are adjustable friendly, which means you can use them with an adjustable bed base. It’s important to note that an adjustable friendly mattress doesn’t require an adjustable bed – it just means you can safely use it with one. If you’re interested in an adjustable bed, the Sealy Ease 3 Adjustable Bed Base is a great option and comes in full size.

Material Types

While innerspring coils are a valid and modern option, there are other materials to consider as well. Our full size mattresses come in a variety of materials, each with its own pros and cons. In addition, many modern mattress types include a combination of materials for ideal support. Choosing the right mattress type will help ensure that your nights are filled with peaceful slumber. Two of the most popular options on the market are memory foam and innerspring, as modern innersprings remain a great choice for firmness and support.

Memory foam This is a popular material for its comfort and durability. It activates with body heat, meaning it softens and hugs your form. This quality provides side sleepers with better support because the mattress molds around the shoulders and hips rather than pushing back with stiff resistance. The downside of this same quality is its tendency to trap body heat. For those who prefer a cooler night’s sleep, this can be a deal breaker. However, that doesn’t mean memory foam is ruled out for heat-sensitive sleepers, as many memory foam mattresses now include cooling technology. In fact, Tempur-Pedic has a range of mattresses designed with this very issue in mind. For a great example, see the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Probreeze Medium Hybrid Mattress.

Innersprings Springs have been around a long time for a reason. With their active resistance, innersprings keep stomach sleepers from arching their bodies unnaturally while giving back sleepers critical alignment support. Side sleepers, on the other hand, may experience too much pressure on their shoulders and hips, causing disturbances in sleep as well as morning discomfort. Some products remedy this with a pillow or euro top layer, for instance our own City Mattress Grand Teton Eurotop Mattress. It’s worth noting that, over time, innersprings can lose tension and sag, resulting in “dips” of decreased support.

Hybrid mattress Hybrid mattresses combine an innerspring core with memory or latex foam layers in an effort to meet multiple needs. The result is firm support overall while simultaneously relieving pressure at the most sensitive points. This makes the hybrid mattress an excellent choice for couples with individual sleep preferences, like a side sleeper partnered with a back pain sufferer. When combined with an adjustable bed, a hybrid twin mattress can be the ultimate compromise. The Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid Brx1000-Ip Medium Mattress is a fantastic example of this!

Latex A lesser known but worthwhile option is latex, a naturally durable material that includes high resistance to wear. As a matter of fact, its durability allows for warrantees of up to 15 years! More than that, latex provides pressure relief in much the same way as memory foam, but has bounce and less of a hug effect. With the body exposed to more air, latex also provides a cooler sleep experience. Lastly, latex is a great option for back pain sufferers, since it provides ample support with just a little softness. For example, the PranaSleep South Beach Delano Plush Mattress provides average firmness with additional cushioned support.

Bed in a Box Last but not least, a Bed in a Box full size mattress is an excellent option if you’d rather order your mattress online and receive it in an easy to manage box only a few feet long. Most Bed in a Box mattresses are memory and comfort foams, allowing them to be folded and shipped in a smaller package. However, City Mattress also offers hybrid options for added innerspring support! With a Bed in a Box, you can buy the mattress you want, and receive it in just a few days – all while wearing your pajamas. For an excellent example of a hybrid selection that’s also budget friendly, check out the Casper Original Hybrid Mattress.

The Role of the Full Mattress

With their reasonably compact size, full mattresses are a fantastic choice for children who will grow into their bed, as well as teens and some single adults. They can accommodate a sleepover or a bedroom shared by siblings, and a full size mattress can fit a single adult comfortably up to a point. Bigger sleepers will want to look at a queen for their best comfort. Full size mattresses also make great guest room options when you want to offer hospitality on limited space. If you’re shopping for your master bedroom, you may want to consider a queen or king size mattress instead – their wider dimensions provide optimal comfort for two.

In cases where space is limited but you want the most comfort you can get, a 54” wide full size mattress may be the best option. The key is striking the perfect balance between comfort and storage space. City Mattress can help you achieve that balance with an array of storage ideas!

Get More from your Mattress

When it comes to setting up your ultimate sleep oasis, there’s more to it than just your mattress. City Mattress offers a wide array of bedding and accessories to help you get the most out of your sleep time. If feeling hugged helps you drift away, then a weighted blanket may be ideal for you. Perhaps you prefer to be warmer or sink into a cloud – a full size mattress pad can add that extra layer to help lull you to sleep. You can always refresh the look and feel of your bed with any of our full size linens and bedding. If sprucing your décor is at the top of your list, you might consider our wide selection of blankets and throws.

Beyond your bed there’s a plethora of ways enhance your sleep experience. For instance, a lulling fragrance can soften your senses and ease you into your dreams. If you’re a light sleeper who awakens at every sound, a sound machine can help your brain tune out the distractions. Lastly but not least important, a new set of pajamas can make a big difference. After all, your sleepwear is your skin’s first point of contact! Whatever you might need to ensure your best night’s sleep, City Mattress can help.

Know your Options

Whatever size mattress you’re shopping for, City Mattress can help you achieve your ultimate sleep paradise. The abundant variety of sizes, materials and styles we offer is critical to that process. Most importantly, your next mattress purchase is an investment in your health, so we want you to be well informed on the many options available to you.

As you look through our collection of full size mattresses, remember that help is always an easy click away. Our live chat sales personnel can assist with any questions or concerns, and you can always read our blog articles for sage advice on how best to obtain your optimum rest. Let us help you get the sleep you deserve!


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