About Cariloha

Since 2007, Cariloha has strived to make a positive difference with island-inspired luxury bedding and bath products made exclusively from soft, sustainable alternatives to traditional fabrics. Born in the Islands™, the Cariloha brand offers a Comfy Way to Save the Planet™ through a shift to eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable bamboo-viscose materials. Found in Cariloha's bed sheets, mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, quilts, throw blankets, duvets, mattress protectors, towels, and bath robes— bamboo grows organically, saves our oceans, cleans our air, renews itself naturally, and prevents erosion.

Headquartered in the USA with a farm-to-fabric supply chain, the official Cariloha Bamboo Farm is sustainably run and stretches across the green hills of the Sichuan Province in China. Produced through a proprietary process, Cariloha ensures their bamboo-derived bedding and bath products are created at a higher quality, greater scope, and depth and feature better shape, structure, and style. Turning self-replenishing bamboo fields into clean and cool bamboo fabrics, each person can make a difference by switching to sustainable bamboo-viscose materials.


Your Options with Cariloha

Designed to help you "sleep, live, and feel every day like you do while on vacation," our curated assortment of Cariloha luxury bamboo soft goods provides ultra-soft, cooling, sustainable, and eco-friendly comfort and style throughout your home. The Classic and Resort Bamboo Mattresses feature removable, machine-washable viscose from bamboo fabric covers over exclusive Bamboo Comfort™ Memory Foam that naturally cools and contours. With three different bamboo sheet sets to choose from, the Classic sheets feature a luxurious twill weave, while the Resort sheets feel ultra-smooth with a sateen finish, and the Percale sheets offer a tight, crisp hand in an elegant matte finish. A must-have add-on to your new mattress, the Bamboo Mattress Protector, includes a waterproof barrier on all five sides, and the universal deep pocket ensures a secure fit. All covered in soft, cooling bamboo-based fabric, find your perfect bed pillow with Cariloha. The Air Flow Pillow features perforated bamboo charcoal memory foam, the Retreat Pillow combines multiple layers of bamboo fabric with memory foam, and the Flex Pillow adjusts with a soft to firm feel, while the Gel Pillow flawlessly contours for the ideal balance of support and comfort. With resort-inspired softness that transforms your bathroom suite or powder room, the natural bamboo fabric features odor-resistance and earth-friendly comfort in a bath towel, hand towel, washcloth, or Comfy Soft™ Bamboo bathrobe.