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There's no simpler way to refresh your look than a new set of linens. City Mattress has a wide variety of bedding to suit any style, so you can express yourself with ease. In addition, you’ll find an amazing selection of pillows to enhance your comfort and help you sleep. See what City Mattress can do for you today!

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White quilt with pillows on wood bed White quilt with pillows on wood bed

About Our Linens & Bedding

There's no substitute for comfort when it comes to your sleep. Compliment your mattress with a mattress protector for longer life, sheets that soften a busy day and a comforter or duvet that will pamper you through the night. From Egyptian cotton to microfiber and everything in-between, City Mattress has linens and bedding you're guaranteed to love.

White comforter and pillows on a bed with wooden bench White comforter and pillows on a bed with wooden bench

About Our Pillows

Whether you prefer down, memory foam or latex interior, we have a pillow for you. With over 20 varieties of pillows to choose from, you'll find the right one to fit your style and budget. Your mattress provides comfort and support for your body - find a pillow that does the same for your head.

Mattress protector on upholstered bed Mattress protector on upholstered bed

Mattress Protectors and More

When it comes to City Mattress's high-quality mattress protectors, you have three to choose from, all of which are waterproof and come in a full range of sizes. The Supreme 3 Mattress Protector is made of pure cotton and has a double-quilted top. It also doubles as a mattress pad. The DreamCool Mattress Protector has cooling fiber and moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable as you sleep, while remaining resistant to bacteria and allergens. The UltraPlush Mattress Protector is antimicrobial and unbelievably soft. City Mattress also carries three additional mattress pads, including the Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad, Sleep Calm Mattress Encasement and Bamboo Mattress Pad. 

Let City Mattress help you find the perfect match of linens, bedding, pillows and more, so you can get the good night's sleep you deserve.