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About Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases

Sheets are a necessity for every bed and good sheets are needed for a good night of sleep. Microfiber sheets are very thin yet are durable and exceptionally smooth and comfortable. They are a wonderful option and certainly worth looking into.

Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcase Materials

Microfiber is composed of very finely woven fibers and defined by their thickness. Many microfibers are made in the lab instead of forming naturally in nature. They can be made from wood pulp, or polyester and nylon polymers. For a material to be considered a microfiber, it must be less than 1 “denier” in diameter. In comparison, consider that fine silk measures at 1.25 deniers. It is thinner and smoother than silk!

Your Options with Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases

City Mattress carries microfiber linens from top brands like Malouf and PureCare. You can purchase a complete sheet set, bed skirt, and down comforter alternative directly through our website. We make it easy to complete your microfiber slumber oasis!

What Else You Should Know About Microfiber Sheets & Pillowcases

Microfiber sheets are a tightly woven and thin fabric, therefore giving this material a durable quality. A high-quality microfiber increases the strength and quality of these linens. Even with daily or weekly washing, your sheets will last!

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