Queen Mattresses

About Our Queen Size Mattresses

Measuring 60"W x 80"L, a queen size mattress is an excellent choice for single adults and couples. With plenty of room to stretch out, queen mattresses are the most popular size on the market. King size mattresses provide the most room possible, but they take up more space in the bedroom. For many sleepers, the queen size mattress is the sweet spot for a roomy sleep surface and comfortable bedroom space.

Our Queen Mattress Options

City Mattress makes it easy to find the right queen size mattress for you. With many top-quality brands to choose from, you can take your pick of which materials, methods and even practices are used in the manufacture of your mattress. For example, some of the brands we carry specialize in using organic and eco-friendly materials, while others emphasize that their products are handmade. Whatever you value most in a mattress, we can help you find it.

One important option to consider with your next queen size mattress is its support system. Our innerspring mattresses contain complex networks of coils, specifically designed to respond to pressure and support you as you sleep. We also have mattresses made of memory foam in varying densities. Memory foam mattresses work to relieve pressure and provide contoured comfort. 

If innerspring support and memory foam comfort are both on your list, we have a fantastic selection of hybrid mattresses as well. Last, our Talalay latex queen mattresses offer sustainably sourced, eco-friendly selections that offer great support and conforming comfort, all while keeping you naturally cool.

When it comes to comfort feel, we offer queen size mattresses in firm, plush and pillow top comfort levels. Which you choose will depend on your softness preferences. Taking comfort even further, many of our queen size mattresses are adjustable-friendly, meaning they can be used with an adjustable bed.

What Else You Should Know About Our Queen Mattresses

Queen mattresses provide enough sleep space for a couple to comfortably share the bed. Queen beds remain the most popular size because of their versatility, as they will fit in most master bedrooms with ample walking space. Also, because of the queen size mattress’s popularity, it’s easy to find the right size bedding accessories. City Mattress offers tons of queen size bedding options to choose from, so you can get everything you need in one place. 

For a truly luxe sleeping experience, explore our premium queen size linens and bedding. With the wide variety of queen mattresses we carry at City Mattress, you’re sure to find one you’ll absolutely love.


Learn More About Queen Mattresses

A queen size mattress measures 60"W x 80"L. This makes it seven inches wider and five inches longer than a full or double bed. It’s also the same length as a king size mattress, but it is 16 inches narrower.

If the maximum sleeping surface is what you want, a king size mattress gives you more width. Aside from this difference, you’ll find the same quality materials and styles in both sizes. In other words, neither is better than the other. The only difference is width.

Choosing the right queen size mattress is a matter of what you need in a mattress. For instance, if you’re a back sleeper, a firmer mattress might suit you best. On the other hand, if you’re a side sleeper, you’ll want a queen size mattress that provides good pressure relief. Once you know your preferred comfort level and support needs, finding the right queen size mattress gets easier. Speak to our personal Sleep Concierge, in store or online, and they’ll answer your questions and help you find the perfect mattress for you.

A hybrid mattress combines the traditional support of an innerspring system with the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam or latex. A queen size hybrid mattress provides the best of both worlds — the bounciness of an innerspring mattress and the contouring comfort of memory foam.

A memory foam mattress is an excellent choice if you’re seeking pressure relief and contouring support. Memory foam adjusts to your body’s curves, reducing pressure points and helping you wake up free from aches and pains.

A pillow top or euro top mattress, with its extra layer of soft material integrated into the top of the mattress, can significantly enhance your sleep experience. This additional cushioning brings a plush feel to the mattress, transforming it into an appealing choice for those seeking a softer sleeping surface.

In the case of pillow top mattresses, they are typically:

  • Softer, allowing for a deeper sink and providing superior contouring and pressure relief. Particularly, a plush pillow top mattress takes comfort to the next level, offering the perfect blend of support and luxury.
  • Visibly fluffier, resembling the shape of a pillow for a more luxurious sleep surface.
  • Known for delivering a plush, cushioned feel, giving you the sensation of sleeping on a cloud.

On the other hand, euro top mattresses are:

  • Generally denser due to the use of foam or fiber, resulting in a firmer feel.
  • Designed with the extra padding layer affixed flush with the mattress edges, providing enhanced edge support and better motion isolation.
  • Sleeker in appearance, offering a streamlined aesthetic.

A firm mattress offers substantial support with little to no sinking, ideal for back or stomach sleepers. In contrast, a medium firm mattress offers a balance, providing a blend of support and comfort suitable for various sleep positions. It’s not as rigid as a firm mattress, yet it maintains the needed support for a good night’s sleep.

Choosing the right bed base for your queen size mattress is part of ensuring a good night’s sleep. The bed base contributes to the overall comfort, durability and ventilation of your mattress. Here are some common bed base options suitable for a queen size mattress:

  • Box Springs: A traditional choice for mattress support, box springs consist of a sturdy wooden frame with springs. They offer strong support and can help extend mattress life. Note, box springs will raise your mattress higher off the floor.
  • Platform Beds: A versatile option with a sturdy frame and horizontal slats that can support various types of mattresses. Some designs also offer under-bed storage.

Adjustable Bases: High-tech options that let you adjust your mattress angle for enhanced comfort and potential health benefits. Ensure your queen mattress is compatible before choosing this option.

Not at all! Having plenty of room to move around is important for sleep comfort. A full size mattress is seven inches narrower and five inches shorter than a queen. This leaves little room to move or stretch out. A queen size mattress is the perfect size for a single adult and can accommodate a partner just as well!

The weight of a queen size mattress will vary depending on its materials. As a rough guide, a queen size mattress might weigh anywhere between 120 and 160 pounds. You don’t have to worry about the weight of your new mattress, however. City Mattress offers free local delivery and setup with every mattress we sell, regardless of price.