Sheets & Pillowcases

About Our Sheets & Pillowcases

We understand that the look and feel of your bed is just as important as the mattress and pillows you choose. To ensure that you experience the tailored sleep comfort you deserve, City Mattress offers a wide assortment of high-quality pillowcases and luxury sheets. This approach allows us to cover a greater variety of styles, tastes, and preferences. We want you to have bedding that looks, feels, and performs precisely the way you want, night after night.

Your Options with Sheets & Pillowcases

Whether you prefer moisture-wicking bamboo, ultra-soft modal, luxurious Egyptian cotton, cooling Tencel™, or performance fabrics for hot sleepers, we carry the perfect sheets and pillowcases to maximize the look and feel of your new City Mattress bed. From hypoallergenic sheet sets to deep-pocketed sheets, you’re sure to discover linens from our thoughtfully curated selection that will compliment your pillow and mattress investment.

City Mattress gives you lots of options with sheets and pillowcases. If you need organic sheets, free of chemicals, then check out our assortments from Sleep & Beyond and CM Home. You’ll find everything you need, from dye-free pillowcases to organic cotton crib sheets. We also offer classic microfiber, silky satin, and natural linen through our options from PureCare, Madison Park, SFERRA, Yves Delorme, or Cariloha, to help complete your bedding ensemble.

What Else You Should Know About Our Sheets & Pillowcases

A good night’s sleep is of vital importance to your overall health and wellness. By finding the right sheets and pillowcases for your specific sleep needs, you can increase your comfort and secure the rest your mind and body require. Additionally, most of our pillowcases and sheets offer hassle-free machine washability, to keep your bedding feeling fresh and looking as good as new.

Learn More About Sheets & Pillowcases - FAQ

It may seem like they’re just for decoration, but the materials of sheets and pillowcases can make a difference in your sleep comfort. In much the same way that we find some clothing materials more comfortable than others, your choice of sheet or pillowcase material can affect your ability to relax and drift away.

Since every person has different needs and preferences, there’s no single material that’s most comfortable to everyone. Some prefer the silky feel of satin, while others prefer the traditional softness of cotton. If you tend to sleep hot, a performance sheet may be an ideal choice, such as the Sheex Elevated Performance Sheet Set.

Organic cotton is guaranteed to be free of chemicals. This includes pesticides from farming as well as chemicals typically used to process standard cotton. This makes organic cotton hypoallergenic and more eco-friendly. In terms of performance and durability, the two sheet and pillowcase materials are mostly the same. However, some may notice that organic cotton sheets and pillowcases are a little softer and more breathable than standard cotton, owing to longer fibers from being hand-picked.