About Aireloom

Founded in 1940 by King Karpen, a 3rd generation master furniture maker, Aireloom originated California comfort. They remain headquartered in California today. Aireloom’s commitment to quality and luxury made them the preferred choice for Ronald Reagan during his presidency, when he replaced every mattress in the White House with an Aireloom mattress.

What sets Aireloom apart is their adherence to tradition. Every stitch, every detail, is handmade by expert craftsmen. With an Aireloom mattress, you’ll sleep in true luxury and unparalleled comfort.

Our Aireloom Options

City Mattress offers Aireloom mattresses in three levels of comfort: firm, plush, and pillow top. Firm mattresses provide a sense of sleeping “on top” of your mattress, and may be preferred by back and stomach sleepers. Plush mattresses build on firm support with additional padding for improved pressure relief, excellent for side sleepers. Lastly, pillow top mattresses are the pinnacle of softness, with a surface you can sink into, like sleeping on a cloud.

Aireloom mattresses include a variety of quality materials, depending on the comfort level and style. You’ll find some featuring Talalay latex, for hypoallergenic comfort and high breathability. Others feature memory foam, for conforming comfort and excellent motion isolation. In all cases, Aireloom mattresses feature an advanced innerspring support system.

What Else You Should Know About Aireloom

Whether it’s natural materials, handmade quality, or unrivaled luxury you want in your mattress, City Mattress has an Aireloom for you. Each Aireloom mattress features a full 10-year warranty, which, combined with 80 years of history, allows you to buy with confidence. Furthermore, City Mattress offers free local delivery and setup with every mattress we sell, so you can leave the stress of your next mattress purchase to us!

Learn More About Aireloom Mattresses - FAQ

Aireloom is a high-quality, handmade, luxury mattress that goes beyond good. Come try one in-store and feel the difference!

Aireloom mattresses are made of the most luxurious and highest-quality materials, including Aireluxe™ Foam, Talalay latex, silk, PillowFlex™ quilting foam, and Tencel™, to name a few. Each mattress is handmade by true craftsmen, right here in the U.S.

With proper care, you can get many years of quality sleep on your Aireloom mattress. Furthermore, Aireloom offers a 10 year warranty on every model.

Because every sleeper is different, the right Aireloom mattress for you depends on your needs and preferences. All of them provide great support. A firmer mattress is often preferred by back and stomach sleepers. On the other hand, side sleepers may want at least a plush for better pressure relief. An Aireloom pillow top is an experience in softness you’ll have to feel to believe.

Aireloom mattresses are not made to be flipped. However, you can rotate the mattress every 6-12 months to provide more even wear and extend the mattress’s life.

When it comes to back pain, you need strong, even support. Aireloom mattresses feature a support layer of individually wrapped, tempered, 13 3/4-gauge, 7" Support-flex™ coils for great back support and responsiveness.