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Your mattress provides support and comfort for your bod, so why rest your head on an uncomfortable pillow? City Mattress offers a variety of pillows designed for specific purposes, so you can find the right pillow for you. Try a cooling pillow if you tend to sleep too warm, or a memory foam pillow that cradles your head for improved neck alignment and pressure relief.

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About Our Pillows

City Mattress carries a wide variety of pillows to fit your needs, style and budget. Our range of materials and styles ensures there's a perfect pillow for you. For the traditionalist, we offer feather and down pillows, as well as down alternatives for a similar look and feel. We also offer selections of modern gels, memory foam and latex, so you're sure to find a pillow you'll love resting your head upon.

Different sized pillows on a bed Different sized pillows on a bed

Find the Right Style for You

A pillow can do more than cradle your head. For instance, if you suffer with GERD, City Mattress offers wedge pillows to elevate your torso and head. If you tend feel too warm through the night, a cooling pillow can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. We even carry pillows specifically designed for how you sleep, whether back, side or stomach!

Memory Foam pillows on a bed Memory Foam pillows on a bed

With City Mattress, You Have Options

Whether for comfort or specific health concerns, there’s a pillow that’s right for you. Our trained personnel, in-store or online, are happy to help you find it. Let City Mattress be your partner and guide to better sleep!