Twin Size Mattresses

About Our Twin Size Mattresses

The twin size mattress is the smallest mattress option at 38”W x 75”L. While we wouldn’t recommend a twin size mattress for adults, it’s a great choice for kids. It can also be a space saver for your guest room. Adults and especially couples should consider a queen size mattress or bigger.

Our Twin Size Mattress Options

Our twin beds come in firm, pillow top, and plush. Which you choose is a matter of personal preference. Also, many of our twin mattresses are adjustable-friendly, meaning they can be used in conjunction with adjustable beds.

Once you’ve decided whether you want an adjustable-friendly twin mattress, as well as your preferred comfort level, you’ll want to pick a mattress style. This could be innerspring, memory foam, latex. It could also be a hybrid, which combines an innerspring support layer with comfort foams. 

Inside our innerspring twin mattresses are networks of coils specifically designed to provide solid support and a good night’s sleep. Our memory foam twin mattresses are filled with layers of the most comfortable and luxurious memory foam, which hugs your body’s contours for excellent pressure relief. Our hybrid twin mattresses combine memory foam with innerspring support. We also have several twin models that contain latex for natural, hypoallergenic comfort. City Mattress carries several mattress brands, from affordable to luxurious, so we have a twin size mattress to fit any budget.

What Else You Should Know About Our Twin Size Mattresses

While twin sized mattresses are great for kids’ rooms, they can certainly do more. Twin mattresses are also the standard size for daybeds and trundles. This makes them ideal for guest rooms or any room where you want to save space. Not only are twin beds narrow, but they can also be stacked as bunk beds, which saves even more space. Whatever your vision for a bedroom, kids’ room, or guest room, trust City Mattress to help you find the right twin mattresses that will be comfortable, supportive, and space-saving.

Learn More About Twin Mattresses

A standard twin size mattress measures 38"W x 75"L.

We don’t recommend a twin size mattress for adults. The narrow width and shorter length (when compared to other mattress sizes) will make most adults feel a bit cramped. We’d recommend a queen size mattress or, if space allows, a king size.

Absolutely! Not only does a twin size bed save space, but it’s an excellent choice for a child’s first “grown up” bed!

At City Mattress, you’ll find twin size mattresses in all of the same types and materials as any other size mattress. For instance, we have twin size mattresses in innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, latex, and even Bed in a Box!

We offer free local delivery and setup with every mattress we sell, regardless of size or price.

Of course! We have plenty of adjustable-friendly twin size mattresses to choose from, in all of the popular styles!