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About Our Comforters

Your bed is only going to be as comfortable as the linens and blankets you have on top, which include your comforter. Comforters are thick, soft, quilted blankets with insulating filling inside.  This makes them perfect for snuggling underneath! Comforters are designed to be tossed on top of the bed straight out of the box, and they don't require a cover to protect them or make them decorative the way a duvet does.

Your Comforter Options

We carry comforters in all sizes, colors, and materials. From a luxury option like Beautyrest's 500TC Damask Stripe Cotton All Season Hungarian Goose Down Comforter to Ahhhhhmazing’s Down Alternative Comforter, you can find it all at City Mattress! We carry dozens of brands and a multitude of style options, so you’re sure to find a new comforter in our online collection that you absolutely adore.

What Else You Should Know About Our Comforters

Purchasing a comforter means the top, cushiony part of your bedding is all one piece. The only thing more difficult than folding a fitted sheet is stuffing a duvet inside its new cover. Give yourself a break by buying a comforter instead!

Learn More About Comforters - FAQ

A comforter is just one piece of bedding, as opposed to a duvet that is two. Its purpose is to go over the top of your sheets, as well as keep you warm and snuggly in bed.

Yes. Because they have more filling, comforters tend to be warmer than quilts or other, thinner options.

You'll want to look for high-quality materials as well as a reputable name brand. Plus, it should be comfortable and cozy. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with City Mattress, because we only carry high-quality brands!

While a comforter does keep you warm, that doesn't mean you need to pack it away when warmer nights arrive. In fact, materials such as tuft cotton and wool are specifically made to keep you cool underneath it.

A comforter is one piece of bedding, whereas a duvet includes two: the duvet and the duvet cover. Duvets tend to be fluffier, as opposed to the flatter appearance of a comforter. Modern comforters and duvets have a lot of overlap in this regard, so it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.

The main difference between a bedspread and a comforter is that comforters are more insulated. This means that a comforter has a more plush feeling to it and offers more warmth. A bedspread offers some warmth, but it might not be enough for true winter weather.

You can get comforters in any bed size, from Twin all the way up to King. You can also find thick comforters, thin comforters, and options in between.

We have many comforter material options for sale on our website. These include cotton, down, wool, and more.

Most comforters will need replacing within a few years. If yours is thin before this, you may be able to fluff it out or put it in the dryer for a few minutes.

Unless the comforter has something spilled on it, you won't need to wash it more than once or twice a year. If you consistently use a top sheet, you shouldn't be getting much dirt, oil, or sweat on your comforter.

Comforters, especially king-size comforters, will take up most of the room in the washing machine and dryer. You can put them in the dryer, if your dryer is big enough. If it's not, you can take it to a large-capacity dryer at a laundromat.

Most hotels offer a comforter that is either filled with a down or down alternative. This isn't a duvet, because you cannot take the covering off of it and remove the filler.