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About Comforters

Your bed is only going to be as comfortable as the linens and blankets you have on top, which includes your comforter. Comforters are thick, soft, quilted blankets with insulating filling inside that make them perfect for snuggling down inside. They are available in plain white, solid colors, or in colorful prints. Comforters are designed to be tossed on top of the bed straight out of the box and they don't require a cover to keep them protected or make them pretty the way a duvet does.

Your Options with Comforters

We carry comforters in all sizes, colors, and materials. From an Elle Décor goose feather and down fiber comforter to a Mi Zone Kids dinosaur microfiber comforter set, you can find it all at City Mattress! We carry dozens of brands and a multitude of style options, so you’re sure to find a new comforter in our online collection that you absolutely adore.

What Else You Should Know About Comforters

Purchasing a comforter means the top, cushiony part of your bedding is all one piece. The only thing more difficult than folding a fitting sheet is stuffing a duvet inside its new cover. Give yourself a break by buying a comforter instead!

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