Sferra Linens & Bedding

About SFERRA Linens

Finding the perfect mattress takes time, yet nearly anyone will tell you it is time well spent because your mattress is so important for your sleep as well as your overall health. Just the same, finding the right linens for your home can be both time consuming and comprehensive. There’s so much to learn, from thread count to weave to materials. While the best linens are costly, you will consider it time and money well spent, when you slip into your fabulously appointed bed each night. If you’re looking for true luxury linens, you’re looking for SFERRA.

Your Options with SFERRA Linens

City Mattress’s soft and high-quality linens, including those made in Italy by SFERRA, can help you get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of. A nice set of linens can really elevate the look and feel of your ideal mattress, delivering the comfort you want night after night. You literally have dozens upon dozens of options with SFERRA, everything from the Classico White Linen Pillows Sham to the Grande Hotel Duvet Cover In 11 Colors and beyond. We encourage you to take your time shopping to mix and match to create your ideal bedroom!

What Else You Should Know About SFERRA Linens

These new linens aren’t something to want to constantly replace. In order to keep your sheets looking and feeling as luxurious as they did the day you purchased them, you’ll need to take extra care in washing luxury linens. Most SFERRA linens are handcrafted from natural fibers and materials, and therefore can be machine washed at home in cold water, but please read the detailed instruction before you do.