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About Casper Mattresses

Are you ready to find your new dream mattress? Casper is one of the fastest growing mattress brands, and for good reason! These mattresses are already providing exceptional pressure relief, support, and cooling to over 1,000,000 happy sleepers. With innovative materials and design, you’re sure to love your new Casper mattress too! Casper mattresses are meticulously human-engineered and designed with recycled polyester and upcycled cotton. It’s no wonder Casper says, “Better Sleep, Better Buy.”

Casper Mattress Materials

You're going to love sleeping on this mattress! With a Casper mattress, you’re getting 100% edge-to-edge comfort. The Casper comfort layers cover the full surface of the mattress, both head-to-toe and side-to-side, providing comfort and great sleep no matter your sleeping position. Plus, precision drilled perforations and the highly breathable foams of the Casper AirScape™ system are designed to allow for fresh air to cool you all night long. It’s cool as a breeze, but it’s also built for your body! ZonedSupport™ provides variable softness and support, designed to keep your body in a healthy and natural sleeping position all night long.

Your Options with Casper

Casper creates high-quality mattresses and bed essentials, all of which are offered at the most competitive pricing possible. You have four main options: the Original, the incredibly low priced Element, the Nova Hybrid, and the Wave Hybrid. The Wave Hybrid is the brand’s most supportive mattress to help ease aches and pains. It features three layers of perforated foam working together for maximum airflow through the night. There is also a thin coating of cooling gel to absorb excess heat. Casper mattress prices range from affordable comfort to premium luxury, depending on your budget.

What Else You Need to Know About Casper Mattresses

Casper offers all-foam, hybrid, and hybrid snow options. Find your favorite with the perfect mix of cooling and support, expertly designed for your sleeping needs!

Learn More About Casper Mattresses

There's a lot to love about a Casper! These popular foam mattresses are made up of four layers of premium foam, offering zoned support and extra breathability. For those who like memory foam mattresses but find them too warm to be comfortable, gel foam regulates the temperature in the bed more capably and may be the perfect option.

The Casper Original Mattress is made from foam, but not just any foam. This premium foam gives you the support you need, plus the breathability you want in order to sleep cool. Underneath this top layer is zoned memory foam that is designed to alleviate pressure points while providing ergonomic support for all sleep positions.

All Casper options are great, but there are some key differences between the mattresses. The original is an all-foam mattress while both the Wave and Nova are hybrids. If you want a truly plush, soft bed and typically sleep on your side, you're probably going to like the Nova. Nova Hybrid is the softest, most plush mattress that Casper offers. It is intended to offer maximum pressure relief and is best for arthritis, joint pain, and other ailments that would necessitate sleeping on a soft mattress. The Wave features a layer with dense support foam and encased springs. The Wave's Hyper-Targeted Zoned Support comprised of little gel pods, a more advanced zoned support design, is the biggest difference between the two.

Side sleepers who need a soft bed should look towards the Nova. if you need serious support, like for chronic back pain or to sleep on your stomach, start your search with the Wave. The Casper original is ideal for those who live the feeling of an all-foam mattress.

The Casper Original Mattress has a top layers that is temperature-regulating, meaning you will sleep cooler. Both the Nova and Wave are ''temperature neutral'' and will not heat you up or cool you down.

All mattresses need a foundation of some sort. This will support your mattress as it supports you! It doesn't necessarily need to be a boxpsring, though. You can also pair your Casper mattress with an adjustable bed bade.

Casper is headquartered in New York City. Foam for their mattresses are poured in facilities in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The skirting, top, and bottom fabrics are made in North Carolina.

The Casper Original mattress is 11 inches thick. The Nova and Wave Hybrids options are both 12 inches thick.

These mattresses have a factory warranty for 10 years. With proper care, you can expect it to last up to 12 years.

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