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Casper Mattresses Reviews 2022: Read More About the Best Selections


Casper Mattress Reviews

One of the reasons many people enjoy memory foam mattresses is because they cradle the body and relieve pressure points. While memory foam was invented in the 1960’s, today’s foam mattresses are nothing like the originals. Just like your phone, your television, and your car, foam mattresses have advanced a lot too!

Casper is one of the fastest growing mattress brands, and for good reason! Their advanced technology is part of what makes Casper foam mattresses so exceptional. With a Casper mattress, you’re getting 100% edge-to-edge comfort. These beds are not made from traditional memory foam but rather Airscape foam. This type of foam is aerated with many small holes to facilitate airflow that can keep the material cool through the night. For this reason, Casper says “Better Sleep, Better Buy.”

Your Options for a New Casper Mattress In 2022

Casper has a wide range of available mattress options that compare well against Nectar mattress options, from the original foam to options that have cooling technology to a hybrid mattress version with innersprings. If you want a truly plush, soft bed and typically sleep on your side, you're probably going to like the Nova. The Nova Hybrid is the softest, most plush mattress that Casper offers. It is intended to offer maximum pressure relief and is best for arthritis, joint pain, and other ailments that would necessitate sleeping on a soft mattress. The Wave features a layer with dense support foam and encased springs. The Wave's Hyper-Targeted Zoned Support composed of little gel pods, a more advanced zoned support design, is the biggest difference between the two.

This diverse product lineup gives you quite a few great choices across a variety of different mattress types and price points. In total, there are six Casper mattress options to choose from. You won’t find a range like this with any other bed in a box mattress brand! 

There truly is a Casper mattress for anyone and everyone. How will you know which one is right for you? Come to City Mattress and try them out! A mattress is a big investment and buying one without ever feeling it first can feel like a big risk. This is why we have them in our stores. When you visit a City Mattress, you can see, feel, and lie down on a Casper mattress before you buy it, just like with a more traditional mattress option. As with our other mattress offerings, if you change your mind about your Casper choice in a month or two, you can exchange it for a different new mattress. Our customer service is second to none, something that will be incredibly appreciated if you have questions, concerns, or need to reach out to someone. Buying a mattress via a website-only option means you’re stuck sending emails and waiting on hold with a 1-800 number. When you buy a Casper through us, you get all the benefits of the Casper brand and a traditional mattress bought through the best retailer in town, all in one great bed!

If you love the feeling of a Casper mattress, don’t forget to add on a Casper pillow! The same innovation and tech advancements apply to their pillows as well! Casper invented a unique pillow-in-pillow design that's built to satisfy all sleepers. The inner pillow is supportive, while the outer pillow adds a soft touch of fluff. Its fill is specifically designed so that it can be revived and returned to its original puffiness with just a quick fluff. There are three Casper pillows to choose from. The Original Casper Pillow is considered a down-alternative. Side and back sleepers who need neck support should look no further than the Casper Foam Pillow. The three-layer design reinforces spinal alignment without sacrificing comfort. The Casper Down Pillow is like sleeping on a cloud! This down pillow is the brand's fluffiest pillow yet, filled with 100% ethically-sourced down. Sleepers who value softness will appreciate the comfortable support this pillow provides, without feeling too firm or stiff. 

Recent Casper Mattresses Reviews

The year of 2021 has been a great one for the bed in a box mattress industry. As one of the first companies to become well-recognized for selling this type of mattress online, Casper has played a crucial role in driving the quality, convenience, and value that customers expect with this type of product. In fact, these mattresses are already providing exceptional pressure relief, support, and cooling to over a million happy sleepers. Just a few of the Casper mattress reviews we’ve received in 2021 include:

Terry J. "Vast improvement over our past bed. It is comfortable and the buying experience was great!" (Purchased the Casper Wave Hybrid in September 2021)

Diane K "The bed is very comfortable, whether sleeping on your back or side. The pillow is great too! I would recommend this mattress and pillow." (Purchased the Capser Nova Hybrid in July 2021)

Scott E. "Great mattress, not as sweaty as previous memory foams." (Purchased the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow in August 2021)

Don’t brush off bed in a box mattresses just because they are new to the industry. Some of the most exciting advancements are coming from this segment, pioneered by Casper. Millions of people are enjoying the good night of sleep they need to stay healthy and happy by sleeping on a new Casper mattress. If you’re ready to be one of them, visit your nearest City Mattress location or shop online. When you’ve created the best bed for you, complete with a Casper mattress and Casper pillows, you’ll sleep peacefully each night and wake up refreshed each morning.