Adjustable Bases and Foundations

About our Bed Bases

Enhance your sleep comfort and support while extending the durability of your mattress with our expertly curated assortment of adjustable bases, box springs, bed frames, foundations, and bunkie boards. Whether you suffer from joint pain, need a heavy-duty bed frame, or simply prefer a more customized sleep experience, City Mattress always has you covered. Choose from various sizes, features, and technologies to suit your needs. Best of all, City Mattress offers free local delivery and setup, so you won’t have to worry about moving your new mattress foundation or bed base!

Our Bed Base Options

The next step in creating your ideal sleep system is choosing the right bed base for your mattress and personal preferences. With the ability to move and adapt to different positions, an adjustable base provides the ultimate in personalization. Working to improve sleep quality and increase the lifespan of your mattress, our box springs and mattress foundations offer a necessary flat and stable structure, while our bed frames supply a strong, durable base with heavy-duty reinforcement below.

Choosing Adjustable Bases

From improving circulation and alleviating snoring to relieving hip and lower back pressure, an adjustable bed base can go beyond simply raising and lowering your head, torso, legs, and feet. With options from City Mattress Ergomotion, PranaSleep, Tempur-Pedic, Serta, GhostBed, Cariloha, and Dawn House, you’ll find power bases with wireless remotes, one-touch programmable presets, massage, and even automatic snore detection and adjustment. Furthermore, some smart bases include a convenient app for your Android or iOS device to track the quality of your sleep and get helpful feedback on how to improve it!

Choosing Box Springs or Mattress Foundations

While the mattress supports your body, a box spring or foundation properly supports the mattress itself. Raising the mattress height, absorbing shock, helping to reduce wear, and creating a flat, firm structure for the mattress to rest on, you’ll find all-in-one foundations, heavy-duty foundations, and foundation only options by Simmons, Sealy, Serta, GhostBed, and our signature City Mattress brand to suit your needs. Made to work alongside bed slats, our bunkie boards from Sealy and Serta are only a few inches tall and prevent sagging with a slimmer profile that best fits daybeds, trundle beds, bunk beds, and low-profile platform beds.

Choosing Bed Frames

Maximize comfort, support, and longevity to a crucial bedroom element, your mattress, with our adjustable and metal bed frames. Built from durable steel and maintaining stability with a higher weight limit, the Knickerbocker bed frames and replacement support frames utilize heavy-duty glides, solid vertical center supports, and contoured side rails to best fit your needs and sleep system preferences. Replacing your bed slat system with unwavering strength or working with an adjustable bed base, box spring, or foundation in between, investing in a high-quality bed frame will always be a good choice.