Specialty Pillows

About Specialty Pillows

You are unique, so why shouldn’t your pillow be as well? There are many, many pillow options beyond a comfy rectangle you lay your head on to sleep at night. Whatever your comfort needs are, we have a pillow that meets those needs!

Your Options with Specialty Pillows

If you’re looking for a pillow to rest on as you read, we recommend the Sleep Philosophy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow. Are you training yourself to sleep on your side? Purchase a PureCare Sub 0 Memory Foam Body Pillow! Relieving orthopedic pain is easy with a Sleep Philosophy's Memory Foam Knee Pillow. These are only the beginning! There are pillows made for traveling, reading in bed, sleeping on your stomach, fitting with your CPAP machine, traveling, and more.

What Else You Should Know About Specialty Pillows

Did you know there are saddle pillows made specifically for people suffering from Sciatica? Did you know there are Body Wrap Pillows made to deliver full-body support? In truth, there are probably many different types, shapes, and materials of pillows that you never realized you could be benefiting from. Take the time today to shop around and see if any of your ailments or chronic conditions could be made better with the help of a new specialty pillow!

Learn More About Specialty Pillows

A body pillow is a long, narrow pillow. It is meant to be cradled between your legs when you sleep on your side. These pillows improve spinal alignment and provide pressure point relief. They can also be used to prevent sleepers from rolling onto their back when they are training themselves to sleep on their side.

There's many health benefits of sleeping on your side, including improving Sleep Apnea. A body pillow makes it more comfortable to do so. These pillows also keep your head and neck properly aligned so you don't wake up with aches and pains. They're incredibly helpful for pregnant women who find it is no longer healthy or comfortable to sleep on their back or stomach.

Chances are good that it will! Whether you want to learn to sleep on your side or simply want better head support, these pillows are a great option.

First, lay the body pillow along the length of your body. Place the pillow between your legs and wrap your right leg around so that you're cradling the pillow. You can either hug the body pillow or rest your hands on it.

Every three weeks you will want to wash the outer cover. Every three months you will want to wash the pillow itself.

The L-Pillow's unique shape perfectly maintains the optimum side sleeping position! You will simply wrap your arms around one side of the pillow while resting your head comfortably on the other. This keeps your neck, shoulders, and upper body aligned in a way that is comfortable.

To use with a CPAP, you will want a pillow that keeps you cool and propped up. A memory foam wedge pillow is preferred by many, like the Soft-Tex Conforming Memory Foam Any Position Bolster Pillow. Another great option is Borden Textile’s CPAP Cooling Support Pillow. It enhances mask performance while offering exceptional comfort.

What you're looking for is a support pillow that adequately aids in keeping the CPAP hose clear with specially-designed contoured side cutouts. Using this type of pillow will eliminate discomfort and reduce mask interference.

If you are a larger person, you may want a large pillow. For instance, we carry the Borden Textile CPAP Cooling Support Pillow as well as the Borden Textile Jumbo CPAP Cooling Support Pillow. However, most pillows are designed to be used by people of all sizes. Options made from memory foam are supportive in a way that "press down" and "cushion" a sleep to be ideal no matter what your size.