Memory Foam Mattresses

About Our Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam, which is made from a polymer called polyurethane, was invented in 1966 for NASA. Its intended use was to cushion the force of gravity during liftoff and re-entry. Its first use in mattresses came in the 1990s, and memory foam mattresses have grown in popularity ever since.

Memory foam mattresses are known for their durability, and targeted response to body weight. The memory foam contours to the heaviest parts of the body, which provides excellent pressure relief and cushioned support. Unlike innerspring mattresses, memory foam doesn’t resist weight. This makes a memory foam mattress great for spinal alignment, as well as conforming support for your lower back.

Reducing and preventing pain is another fantastic benefit of memory foam mattresses. You’ll feel better during the day, because you’ll sleep more soundly at night. Memory foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. City Mattress is a great place to start when it comes to finding the right memory foam mattress for your needs. As real sleep enthusiasts, we understand the importance of getting your best night’s sleep.

Our Memory Foam Mattress Options

City Mattress is pleased to offer memory foam mattresses from trusted brands, such as Aireloom, Sealy, Serta iComfort, Simmons, and Tempur-Pedic. We also have memory foam mattresses in all of the popular sizes, from twin to king, and even California king. Choose from a firm comfort level, plush for more pressure relief, or the ultimate softness of a pillow top. Whatever your preferred size and comfort level, City Mattress has the memory foam mattress that’s precisely right for you.

What Else You Should Know About Our Memory Foam Mattresses

If keeping cool while you sleep is a concern for you, several of our memory foam mattresses incorporate modern cooling technologies to keep you comfortable. For example, Serta iComfort mattresses use TempActiv cooling technology. Other mattresses use cooling memory foam. Some examples are Sealy, which uses Sealy Cool Gel Foam, or Simmons, which uses AirCool gel memory foam.

At City Mattress, we want your only concern to be finding the right mattress for you. That’s why we offer free local delivery and setup with every mattress we sell, regardless of price. Memory foam mattresses are heavy, so leave the grunt work to us! Get your next memory foam mattress from City Mattress today!

Learn More About Memory Foam Mattresses - FAQ

Memory foam is a very durable type of material, if it has a high enough density. It’s also known for providing good support and excellent pressure relief. However, there isn't just one kind of memory foam. The basic kind is made out of a polymer known as polyurethane.There is also open cell memory foam, which allows for more airflow inside the mattress to keep you cool. Gel memory foam, or gel-infused memory foam, is memory foam that has been pumped full of gel microbeads, another cooling feature that promotes airflow.

Memory foam mattresses can last anywhere from eight to ten years, depending on how well they’re cared for. To extend the life of your memory foam mattress, consider a mattress protector. In addition, rotate your mattress every 6-12 months to promote even wear across the surface.

Gel memory foam is simply memory foam infused with gel microbeads. This technology keeps you cooler than traditional memory foam. Aside from this difference, you get the same great comfort and support.

All mattresses should have a strong foundation underneath, including memory foam mattresses. The foundation helps to properly distribute your body weight, as well as the weight of the mattress. The end result is that you’re better supported. However, your foundation doesn’t have to be a box spring. It can also be a wooden foundation or an adjustable bed base.

Any high-quality, supportive mattress can keep your back straight and comfortable all night long. This helps to relieve back pain and keep it from coming back. Memory foam is no exception!

Because everyone is different, this is a matter of preference. Memory foam contours to your body, which creates a “hugging” sensation. This provides excellent pressure relief and good support for spinal alignment. Innersprings provide resistive support, so there’s no hugging and not as much sinking. Both technologies come in firm, plush, and pillow top comfort levels.

Memory foam conforms to your body more than latex. However, latex does offer contoured comfort. Latex lacks the “grip” of memory foam, and has a bouncier feel. If you prefer to feel cradled and want the best motion isolation, memory foam is for you. If you’d rather have pressure relief without the hugging, you might be happier with a latex mattress. Also, some people prefer a latex mattress because it’s naturally and sustainably sourced, making it more eco friendly than memory foam. Ultimately the choice is yours!

Yes! City Mattress offers memory foam mattresses in firm, plush, and pillow top comfort levels, like any other mattress.

Memory foam has a tendency to trap body heat, which can be uncomfortable for some sleepers. To address this potential issue, some memory foam mattresses are now infused with temperature regulating foam. The Temur-Pedic brand is well known for being made from incredibly soft foam while also keeping you cool at night. In addition, several manufacturers include cooling technologies in their mattress covers.

The "best" mattress for you depends on several different factors, including your comfort level preference, whether you want temperature regulation, your budget, and more. Some sleepers like to sink in, while others want to be on a firmer surface. This is why City Mattress has so many options. We want you to find the best mattress for you!