PureCare Pillows

About PureCare Pillows

From memory foam to latex and gel to fiber, you’re sure to find the right pillow for a better night’s rest from PureCare. The bedding company solely focused on wellness; each PureCare pillow provides a world of comfort and support for everybody and every body. A good night’s sleep is of vital importance to feel your best every day, and each meticulously crafted PureCare pillow is there to complete and complement your resting place.

PureCare Pillows Materials

PureCare’s cooling fiber pillows utilize silky-smooth and cool to the touch Tencel® and mineral-based FRíO® fibers to dissipate body heat five times faster than traditional polyesters, so you can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Unique recovery pillows from PureCare feature Celliant® performance fibers to upcycle energy. Contouring memory foam, responsive latex, or lofty SoftCell® pockets of designer down alternative at the fill allow you to achieve a perfect balance of comfort and support for your specific needs and preferences.

Your Options with PureCare Pillows

With a focus on comfort, wellness, and recovery, PureCare offers various pillows to help your mind and body sleep soundly. PureCare’s hybrid pillows feature a reversible and adjustable design for customizable plush or firm comfort. The antimicrobial silver-treated down pillows deliver the classic comfort of down, reimagined with Celliant® performance or rapid chill FRíO® cooling fibers at the cover. Providing orthopedic relief— PureCare’s memory foam pillows feature a solid or puffed memory foam core, while ventilated Talalay latex cores offer high airflow. PureCare’s sculpted cooling gel pillows flawlessly cradle the neck and spine, and the fiber pillows deliver the feel of down without the allergen drawbacks.

What Else You Should Know About PureCare Pillows

All PureCare pillows carry a 3-year manufacturer warranty, are Oeko-Tex® STANDARD 100 certified, and treated with antimicrobial silver. Each PureCare pillow's unique treatments and cooling technologies remain active for over 50 washings and never impact comfort. Keep in mind— your sleep needs can change over time, and we suggest replacing your pillow every 3 years.

Learn More About PureCare Pillows

You've never felt a pillow like this before! The crisp, cool touch of PureCare's exclusive Tencel™ and FRíO® rapid chill cooling pillow covers ensure consistent cooling all night long. Silky smooth and cool to the touch, these mineral-based FRíO® fibers are designed to tunnel your body heat away from you instead of allowing it to buildup and disrupt your sleep.

We have dozens of PureCare pillow options! The Sub-0 Memory Foam Body Pillow is full-length pillow filled with plush puffs of memory foam quickly shapes and re-fluffs for ultimate comfort. We also stock hybrid pillows featuring pocketed designer down alternative for a cushioning feel at the first surface, while the reverse provides unique Celliant® performance fibers and vented memory foam lending greater pressure-relief. We even have a PureCare Kid Support pillow for the little ones in your life. There is truly a pillow for everyone!

Because these pillows are made from a type of memory foam, they will allow you to sink into soft, cozy support and then bounce back again when you get up. This means it is comfortable no matter which position you sleep in!

All of these pillows are Oeko-Tex® STANDARD 100 certified, one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

A cooling pillow is just like any other pillow and needs a pillowcase to protect it. A cooling pillow requires air to circulate inside it so you must have in mind to use a breathable pillowcase

These pillows come with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. As well, the cooling technology is guaranteed for 50 washes!.

PureCare's pillows feature the exclusive Tencel™ and FRíO® for consistent cooling all night long. Silky smooth and cool to the touch, these mineral-based FRíO® fibers are designed to tunnel your body heat away from you instead of allowing it to buildup and disrupt your sleep.

The cooling pillows offer a comfortable and cool surface for your head to rest all night long. These pillows help you to fall asleep faster. Research has proven that a cooling pillow can provide sleep that is up to three times deeper than with a normal pillow because you don't get too warm and wake up.

Purecare treats all of their products with antimicrobial silver product protection (AgCl) that inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew that causes deterioration, stains, and odors on the products.