Kingsdown Mattresses

About Kingsdown Mattresses

Experience sounder sleep and brighter days ahead with the meticulously artisan-crafted design of Kingsdown® mattresses, proudly handmade in the USA. A pioneer in the sleep industry, Kingsdown uses only the finest materials and incorporates sleep science and research to create premium mattresses with innovative design and construction for restorative sleep. With an extensive portfolio of patents, Kingdown’s continual pursuit for comfortable sleep includes a long history of manufacturing expertise, helping you sleep well and live better for over 115 years, since 1904.

Certified by the Sleep To Live® Institute, our assortment of Kingsdown mattresses ensure proper postural support and long-lasting comfort for spinal alignment and full-body pressure relief built into each mattress layer of specially-formulated foam and individually-wrapped coils. Considering every detail, you’re sure to discover your dream mattress within our Kingsdown collection that combines personalized sleep support, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional value at a reasonable price point.


Your Options with our Kingsdown Mattresses

Ready to feel the difference of a made-in-the-USA Kingsdown mattress? The City Mattress collection of Kingsdown mattresses offers various comfort levels with innovative layers for instant soothing, targeted support, and cooling proprietary materials for a personalized feel, allowing you to sleep soundly night after night.

Tailored to maximize your quality of sleep, choose from different feels and levels of firmness, including plush, cushion firm, and firm with euro tops, pillow tops, or classic tight tops. Each of our Kingsdown luxury mattress series incorporates the signature fresh comfort quilt with cooling gel fibers for temperature regulation and a uniquely refreshing and soft feel the moment you lie down. With the innovative Tri-Zone support system, the Auburnwood line of innerspring mattresses features individually-wrapped coils with heavier-gauge coils to promote spinal alignment and minimize motion transfer throughout the night. Proprietary Tri-Tech memory foam comfort layers found within the Affection, Beauty, and Glamourous mattresses create responsive support and comfort with gel, copper, silver, and graphite infusions for antimicrobial pressure relief. Reinforcing the perimeter and extending the sleep surface, a majority of our Kingsdown innerspring mattress lineup also includes Full Body Surround®, a high-density foam edge support system. 

What Else You Should Know About Kingsdown Mattresses

Aiming to create a better world by developing innovative techniques to improve the world’s sleep, Kingdown’s foundation for every mattress creation is sleep science. The Kingsdown bedMATCH® diagnostic system collected millions of sleeper profiles to measure personalized support and comfort, which has been built into each specialty layer and tailored detail of the mattress lineup. Meticulously tested for a precise sleep comfort and support level, all of Kingdown’s mattresses are certified to meet their high design standards before heading out the door and into your home.