Innerspring Mattresses

Benefits of an Innerspring Mattress

If you prefer the bouncier feel of springs over the sinking sensation of memory foam, an innerspring mattress will suit you well. Also, compared to memory foam, an innerspring mattress provides more air flow for a cooler night’s sleep. Spinal alignment is important for any mattress, and an innerspring mattress does an excellent job of keeping your spine in line. Things to bear in mind with an innerspring mattress are eventual loss of coil tension (sagging) as well as possible pressure on hips and shoulders if you sleep on your side.

Our Innerspring Mattress Options

City Mattress gives you a plethora of innerspring mattresses to choose from, all from quality brands you know and some you’ve yet to discover. We’re proud to offer Simmons Beautyrest, featuring a pocketed design of individually wrapped springs, as well as Sealy, who introduced improved core support with their Posturepedic technology. For the height of luxury, we also offer Vispring mattresses, which are handmade using such materials as Shetland wool, horsetail, organic cotton, and vanadium springs.

What Else You Should Know About Our Innerspring Mattresses

When choosing an innerspring mattress, you’ll want to consider the firmness level that’s right for you. Pillow and euro tops provide a softer surface for extra pressure relief, while plush tops generally fall in the medium-firm range of comfort. How soft or firm your mattress should be depends on you. If you sleep on your side, a firm mattress may be uncomfortable, while a back or stomach sleeper might prefer it. Likewise, a softer top can be too soft for stomach sleepers especially, who often need firmer support on the surface.

Talk to our personal Sleep Concierge if you’re unsure which comfort level is best for you. They’re trained to listen and match you with the mattress of your dreams. Choose City Mattress and get free local delivery and setup, offered with every mattress we sell!


Learn More About Spring Mattresses

The best way to choose any mattress is to visit a store that has several options to compare. Always make sure to spend some time on each mattress in your primary sleep position (side, stomach, or back). Be sure to make your personal Sleep Concierge aware of any pre-existing conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, joint soreness, etc. They will help you find the right innerspring mattress for you.

For additional guidance and our recommendations, see our Guide Blog - Choosing The Best Mattress Type: The Innerspring Mattress

There’s no single innerspring mattress that’s best for everyone. It depends on your needs as a sleeper. Each person is different, with varying needs, so it’s important to try different mattresses at a City Mattress store and consult with our personal Sleep Concierge.

Absolutely! City Mattress offers a range of innerspring mattresses in firm, plush, and pillow top comfort levels, so you can find the sleep experience that’s right for you.

Innerspring mattresses provide excellent back support, as long as they come from a high-quality brand. Furthermore, stomach sleepers get the best support of all, since an innerspring mattress won’t allow your back to bow.

You can expect your innerspring mattress to last about seven or eight years. How you treat your mattress has a big impact on its durability.

Most of our innerspring mattresses can be used with an adjustable bed. Always look for the “Adjustable Friendly” designation when browsing our innerspring mattress selection.

Mattress protectors are always a good idea, since liquid damage can void your mattress’s warranty. Mattress pads, however, are a matter of personal preference - if you want a softer surface than your mattress already provides, a mattress pad can make the difference.