Organic Bedding

About Our Organic Sheets & Pillowcases

Organic cotton bedding has increased in popularity over the past few years. As people grow more aware of the impact of their product choices on the world around us, organic sheets and pillowcases arise as a popular option.. Organic linens are made from materials like organic cotton, which is cultivated using environmentally-friendly methods. Organic cotton contains no genetically-engineered substances or synthetic chemicals. It is also grown without pesticides.

Going with organic bedding options gives you a healthier bed, a happier planet, and greater comfort. It is also higher quality. Conventional growers will use a harvesting machine that mixes the cotton with the oil and seeds of the plant. Harsh chemicals are then used to remove the unwanted parts and clean the cotton. On the other hand, an organic farmer will pick the cotton by hand, which provides a cleaner product that doesn’t require harsh additives. The cotton is then cleansed using hot water and vegetable-based soaps instead of chemicals. That means a better linen for your skin, and better sleep too!

Your Options with Organic Sheets & Pillowcases

City Mattress carries organic linen options from quality brands like Sleep & Beyond and Yves Delorme. Made in the USA, American Blossom's organic cotton is domestically grown, and their sheets are made with a pure, dye-free finish. Instead of fading over time, they become softer and deeper in color with use and washing. Whichever brand you choose, these organic sheets and pillowcases are hypoallergenic, completely natural, and will control moisture for soothing relaxation.

What Else You Should Know About Organic Sheets & Pillowcases

Choosing organic bedding is a way to incorporate a greater environmental awareness into your everyday life, while also improving your own sleep quality. Organic bedding just feels better. This is because the fabric has less contact with harsh chemicals, and provides a naturally soft, sleep-inducing experience.