Sleep Bundles

About Our Sleep Bundles

Our sleep bundles take the guesswork out of outfitting your bedroom. You can easily choose pillows and sheets that enhance your decor while also increasing your comfort. There’s more to our sleep bundles than just convenience, however. Purchasing your needed sleep items in a bundle means it’s less expensive than shopping a la carte as well.

Your Options with Sleep Bundles

You already trust name brands like Hush Blankets and 510 Design, which is why we’re proud to offer sleep bundles from both. 

For those who suffer with anxiety or sleep restlessness, a weighted blanket may help. Our weighted blanket sleep bundles from Hush Blankets include a weighted blanket, a classic duvet cover, and an Iced 2.0 cooling cover. Use the faux mink fabric duvet cover in the cold season, then change it out for a cool-to-the-touch, bamboo and cotton cover during the warmer months.

What Else You Should Know About Our Sleep Bundles

Give your bedroom the ultimate makeover with a sleep bundle. You’ll enhance the look of your bed, sleep more comfortably, and save money at the same time. More importantly, you’ll enjoy better sleep on your very first night!

Learn More About Our Sleep Bundles - FAQ

Put together by Nectar, the Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle includes sheets, pillowcases, antimicrobial pillows, and durable, waterproof mattress protector all in one set.

Sleep bundles collect commonly-needed products into one convenient set, which not only makes shopping easier, but also saves money compared to purchasing a la carte.

Many people who suffer with anxiety or sleep restlessness feel calmer with a weighted blanket. It creates a sensation of being embraced, which can ease stress and anxiousness.

Weighted blankets get their extra weight from plastic pellets or glass beads. They are no warmer than an ordinary blanket. The weighted blanket sleep bundles from Hush Blankets include two covers: a warming duvet cover for cold months, and a cooling bamboo cover for warmer months.