Mattress Pads & Protectors

About Our Pads & Protectors

Whether you’re looking to protect your mattress and pillow investment or adjust your mattress’s comfort and softness level, our expertly curated selection of pads and protectors has what you need. Including mattress pads, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and pillow protectors, City Mattress offers a variety of options. We carry everything from down alternatives to waterproof and memory foam, to help control temperature, soothe back pain, or transform your mattress into the cloud-like oasis of your dreams.


Your Options with Pads & Protectors

Offering extra benefits beyond comfort and protection, these luxury mattress pads and pillow protectors from City Mattress include many sleep innovations. With materials like cotton, memory foam, latex, wool, gel, or naturally breathable bamboo, each of our high-quality mattress pads and mattress toppers possess unique properties that keep you cool, add extra softness, wick moisture, or relieve pressure points. 

Our waterproof mattress protectors and pillow protectors from PureCare, DreamFit, eLuxury, Bedgear, and other top brands ensure a healthier sleep environment. They form a protective barrier around your mattress or pillow, to protect your investments and promote better sleep. This protective barrier prevents sweat, liquids, bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens from contaminating your mattress and pillows, all while aiding in long-lasting comfort.


What Else You Should Know About Our Pads & Protectors

A majority of our pillow protectors, mattress protectors, and pads include a warranty, and some even offer easy machine-washable care. It's also important to remember that you'll still want to replace your pillows every couple of years, along with your pillow protectors. Our mattress pads and mattress toppers vary in padding thickness, cooling technologies, and protective sides, so you can find the right comfort and protection level for you.

Learn More About Mattress Pads & Protectors - FAQ

While there is some overlap between mattress protectors and mattress pads, the real difference is their primary purpose. A mattress protector is meant to protect your mattress from warranty-voiding stains and damage, while a mattress pad is meant to add extra cushion or even a firmer experience.

We highly recommend a mattress protector, especially for a newly purchased mattress. A new mattress is an investment, and you want to keep it in the best shape possible while extending its life.

It might in the short term, but the benefits won’t last long. A mattress pad is best used to add softness or firmness to a mattress that doesn’t quite meet your comfort needs. An older, worn mattress should be replaced instead. The reason for this is that a mattress pad will soon develop the same dips and sags as the mattress beneath it.

Pillows, like your mattress, can be contaminated with sweat, dead skin, pet dander, dust mites, and a plethora of other allergens. A pillow protector keeps your pillow fresh, and can be removed and washed in most cases.