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Sleep Just Got Sweeter: City Mattress Now Offers the New and Improved Casper Mattresses!


City Mattress is thrilled to announce that we're now carrying the all-new Casper mattress lineup! Known for their innovative comfort and convenience, Casper has taken their best-selling beds and made them even better. Whether you crave cool comfort, plush support, or a perfect balance of both, there's a Casper mattress waiting to transform your sleep.

What's New with Casper?

Casper listened to their customers and made some key improvements to their mattress designs. They've focused on using high-quality, sustainable materials while continuing to deliver the exceptional pressure relief and support Casper is known for. Here's a quick look at the Casper lineup available at City Mattress:

Casper One Foam Mattress by Casper

  • Casper One: This all-foam mattress offers a responsive yet supportive sleep experience with a four-layer design.

Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress by Casper

  • Casper Dream Hybrid: Enjoy the combination of plush comfort and outstanding support with the Dream Hybrid's blend of premium foams and breathable coils.

Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress by Casper

  • Casper Dream Max Hybrid: For those who want the ultimate in hybrid luxury, the Dream Max Hybrid boasts advanced zoned support and premium materials.

Cool to the Core: The Casper Snow Line

Looking for a mattress that keeps you cool all night long? Look no further than Casper's Snow collection! These mattresses feature special cooling technologies in the cover and foam layers to wick away heat and ensure a comfortable sleep. City Mattress carries both the:

Casper Snow Hybrid Mattress by Casper

  • Casper Snow Hybrid: Experience the best of both worlds with the Snow Hybrid. This mattress combines cool-to-the-touch features with the supportive comfort of a hybrid design.

Casper Snow Hybrid Mattress by Casper

  • Casper Snow Max Hybrid: If maximum coolness and superior support are your priorities, the Snow Max Hybrid is the mattress for you.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Casper Match?

Since you can't experience the feel of a Casper mattress in a traditional showroom setting, City Mattress offers all the information you need to make an informed decision. We have detailed descriptions of each mattress's construction and features, along with customer reviews to help you find the perfect fit.

Sweet Dreams Start Here!

Browse our selection of Casper mattresses online at City Mattress or visit us in-store to learn more about these incredible sleep solutions. With Casper's focus on quality, comfort, and convenience, you're guaranteed to find the mattress that will take your sleep to the next level.