About GhostBed

Proudly made in the USA with award-winning cooling, comfort, and affordable sleep luxury, GhostBed® mattresses are crafted with love, passion, and expert engineering. Stemming from 100 years of global design and innovation, GhostBed® CEO Marc L. Werner of the Werner Ladder Company family applies generational knowledge and a dedication to quality in each mattress and sleep product produced. 

GhostBed® began with Marc’s desire to create the perfect mattress after his personal experiences following three neck surgeries and the lack of sleep due to pain. From there, the CEO developed his own mattress, using more than 35 years of design experience, the best materials, and the incomparable craftsmanship of American-made goods. Aside from top-quality engineering and design, GhostBed’s next defining moment was the decision to skip the mattress showroom entirely and go direct to consumer by launching the GhostBed mattress in a box, allowing sleepers to get an exceptional mattress at a great price with the convenience of purchasing from the comfort of home.

Never taking shortcuts and continually providing ‘supernatural comfort,’ the GhostBed promise is to perfect your sleep experience and ensure satisfaction with an industry-leading 25-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial that replaces the “10-second showroom test” for an at-home risk-free experience.


Your Options with GhostBed

Find your perfect mattress within our GhostBed® lineup of premium models that meet various sleep needs and strive to exceed your expectations. Including the GhostBed Classic, Flex Hybrid, Emerald Hybrid, and 3D Matrix Hybrid, each high-quality mattress is 100-percent designed and manufactured in the United States. Crafted to perfection with over 15 years of research, design, and development by the industry’s leading sleep experts, both foam and hybrid GhostBed mattresses offer an ideal firmness rating for the best balance between comfort and long-term support.

Providing your best sleep yet at an affordable price point, the GhostBed Classic Mattress caters to all sleeping styles, including back, side, stomach, and combo sleepers, while keeping you cool with aerated latex and gel memory foam that transfers heat away from the body. An all-foam model that arrives directly at your door and conveniently compressed as a bed in a box, this medium-firm mattress is the perfect choice for those on a budget without sacrificing comfort or quality. With a slightly springy design that’s easy to move around on and minimizes motion transfer, its soft yet supportive comfort alleviates aches and pains and keeps the spine aligned.

Ghostbed’s best-selling hybrid model, the Flex Hybrid Mattress, offers springy support and cooling comfort in a balanced medium-luxury firmness level. Ideal for all sleeper types and couples with slightly different comfort preferences, this cooling bed-in-a-box mattress includes a soft, soothing cover with cool-burst airflow technology and gel memory foam. Contouring to your body without feeling ‘sunk-in,’ the exclusive GhostBounce layer comprises latex-like responsive foam. With individually-wrapped and reinforced coils, this hybrid model makes the perfect choice for those switching from a traditional innerspring mattress, or you love a ‘best of both worlds’ feel.

Looking for the ultimate sleep experience? The GhostBed 3D Matrix Hybrid Mattress utilizes 7 layers of patented cooling technology in a plush firmness level ideal for side and back sleepers. Instantly cool-to-the-touch with the Ghost Ice cover, this bed-in-a-box mattress moves heat away from the body with gel polymer and gel-infused memory foam layers. Combined with contouring, body-cradling layers of exclusive GhostBounce latex-like foam and transition foam, the individually wrapped and reinforced coils at the innerspring unit maximize support. Perfect for hot sleepers and those who crave cutting-edge sleep technology, the high-quality design also works to comfort those with joint pain and arthritis.

If you prefer a simplistic model with a 3-layer design, the GhostBed Emerald Hybrid Mattress keeps you cool, cozy, and supported with a balanced medium firmness and the signature GhostFlex coil innerspring unit. Instantly cooling and comforting, the Ghost Ice fabric cover feels cool to the touch above proprietary gel memory foam and convoluted transition foam. Arriving directly to your door and compressed for easy delivery and setup, this bed-in-a-box mattress offers the best of innovative sleep technology and convenience.


What Else You Should Know About GhostBed

Completing your sleep system, our selection of GhostBed bases includes the All-in-One Foundation™ or the Adjustable Bed Base to fit your individual needs and preferences. Created with all the premium luxury features at a fraction of the cost, the GhostBed Adjustable Base is operated by a wireless remote with 15 whisper-quiet massage modes, easy preset options, and infinite ergonomic positions for sitting, sleeping, reading, working, relaxing, and more. If you need an all-in-one solution for your mattress, the GhostBed All-in-One Foundation™ replaces a foundation, bed frame, and box spring with sturdy, strong, and durable support for a squeak-free sleep experience.