Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

About Our Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

When shopping for new linens, you can’t go wrong with cotton. Many people feel that the best choice for bedding is one that is soft, strong, and easy to care for. If you count yourself among them, our cotton sheets and pillowcases will surely make you smile.

Cotton is one of the oldest, original fabrics chosen for bed linens. Its unique combination of breathability and absorbency makes it an excellent choice for sheets and pillowcases. Furthermore, cotton is soft while remaining remarkably durable. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and easy to maintain. With so much going for it, it’s easy to see why cotton is still a popular choice in sheets and pillowcases.


Your Options with Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

At City Mattress, we carry cotton linens from several top-rated brands, so you can always find the perfect bedding to meet your comfort, style, and budget requirements.

Including everything from cotton sheet sets to fitted sheet, flat sheet, crib sheet, and pillowcase separates, you’ll find solid white classic sheets, decorative embroidered sheets, garment-washed sheets, organic sheets, and more to complement your aesthetic and preferences. From Sleep & Beyond, Blu Sleep, Sleeptone, Beautyrest, Croscill, Dr. Weil by PureCare, DreamFit, Bedgear, CM Home, Hotel Grand, Luonto, Madison Park Essentials, and PureCare, we offer a widely curated selection of the best cotton bed sheets and pillowcases, whether you’re on the hunt for luxury Egyptian cotton sateen sheets made in Italy, crisp cotton percale sheets, or ethical, eco-conscious, undyed natural cotton sheets, our collection is here to help you dress the sleep sanctuary of your dreams. Inherently lightweight, breathable, elegant, and durable, you can never go wrong with tried and true cotton bed linens. 


What Else You Should Know About Our Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

Cotton provides breathable comfort, excellent temperature regulation, and timeless style. Many of our cotton sheet and pillowcase options are manufactured in the USA, using ethical and sustainable methods. You will melt into bed each night when you dress your sleep oasis in cool, comfortable cotton!


Learn More About Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases - FAQ

Absolutely! The best choice for bedding that is soft, strong, and easy to care for is cotton. Cotton delivers unmatched versatility, reliability, and comfort. It's one of the world's most popular natural fabrics for a reason!

Because bed sheets and pillowcases are often referred to as “linens,” it can get confusing. Actual linen is made out of fibers from the flax plant, while cotton fiber comes from the cotton plant. Linen is much more rigid than cotton, but lasts longer. Cotton is softer to the touch than linen, but more easily breaks down.

Cotton sheets and pillowcases are very easy to care for. All you need to do is toss them in the washing machine with your favorite detergent, on a warm water setting for the best results. Tumble dry on low or medium heat, and promptly remove them from the dryer to fold. The last step helps to prevent wrinkles in your sheets and pillowcases.

We recommend changing and washing your bedding on a weekly basis. However, many people do this every two weeks.

It’s possible to enjoy your cotton sheets and pillowcases for ten to twelve years. This is especially true if you choose Egyptian cotton sheets, made by a brand known for producing long-lasting, quality linens.

Cotton is very breathable, so you aren't as likely to feel too hot. It’s also soft on your skin, which increases your sleep comfort. Very few people have any sort of skin reactions to sleeping on cotton. Also, it's low maintenance and easy to clean.

Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and has the bonus of being easy to clean, making the removal of dust mites easy. Cotton sheets and pillowcases can reduce congestion, sneezing and itching. This is especially true of organic cotton products, where no chemical pesticides are used in farming and no harsh chemicals are used during manufacture.

Cotton sheets are known for being soft and smooth. The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother it will be. This is especially true if you choose well-made, Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases.

Cotton itself is natural and non-toxic. Too many of today's other fabrics are soft to the touch, but can actually cause irritation for your baby's sensitive skin because of the chemicals used in production. This is generally not true for cotton, and never true for organic cotton.