Custom House

About Custom House

Immerse your home in the luxury, indulgent style of our handpicked Custom House lifestyle collection at City Mattress. Characterized by exclusive designs, premium materials, pops of color, and bold print layering, transform your bedroom into a haven of opulence by shopping our curation of high-end bedroom furniture, home accessories, decorative pillows, throw blankets, designer lighting, and printed linens. With each piece showcasing a high level of attention to detail— you’ll find fashion-forward yet timeless patterns unique to coveted top-designer brands and stunning color palettes of cohesive blue tones that evoke feelings of tranquility and serenity. Refresh your bedroom and transform it into a masterpiece of self-expression that makes any space your very own.


Your Options with Custom House

Go for interior extravagance with our Custom House aesthetic, defined by expensive-looking finishes, tailored sheets, sumptuous bedding, and richly adorned décor elements. Curated to perfection, with every style a testament to superior craftsmanship and elegance, elevate your surroundings and create a bedroom that reflects your personality with maximalist influence. Beautifully crafted with sculpted details and a sleek silhouette, the Greenington Willow Bamboo Bed in queen or king size effortlessly complements a wealth of design elements when paired alongside the modern lines of Modus Furniture’s Argento navy blue or grey oak wood veneer storage pieces, including a 2-drawer nightstand and 6-drawer double dresser with acrylic pulls. For maximum impact, decorative throw pillows, including Villa by Classic Home’s Cashel printed cotton velvet toss pillow and Kilo Harvest Gold watercolor print toss pillow, contribute to the lively, richly textured design aesthetic. Allowing you to step onto a world of luxury each morning, the Villa by Classic Home Oasis grey geometric handwoven area rug in a 9 x 12 size grounds the room and helps to tie the ensemble together. Adding a touch of grandeur, elevate your surroundings by choosing the Uttermost Urchin ceramic vases, the Islander whitewashed terracotta vases, the Moth Orchid Planter, and the Arne Scandinavian solid oak wood and rattan small bench. Marrying the look and ambiance with botanical intrigue, the custom Grand Image artwork, including framed fine art digital prints of an agave plant and black tip succulent, fills open walls with the earth’s natural allure.