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About Our Twin XL Mattresses

Are you shopping for a new Twin XL mattress? Twin XL beds are best known for being the size of the beds found in college dorm rooms. Where a twin mattress is 39 by 75 inches, a twin XL mattress is 39 by 80 inches. While that might not seem like much more space, the extra 195 square inches a twin XL size provides can make a difference. Twin XL mattresses are useful for people who have a limited amount of bedroom space, such as apartment renters. Because a twin XL bed is much narrower and slightly longer than a full bed, it saves space in a room without confining the user to a regular twin size. For people who want to share a bed but have different mattress preferences, two twin XL mattresses can be purchased and pushed together to create a king bed. Whatever you’re looking for in a twin XL bed, City Mattress can help you find it.

Our Twin XL Mattress Options

We carry twin XL mattresses from top brands, including our very own City Mattress brand. We have virtually endless options when it comes to selecting a twin XL bed, which is especially useful if you’re looking to buy two mattresses to push together. Our twin XL mattresses come in three comfort levels: firm, plush or pillow top. Beyond that, we also have options when it comes to the interior of your twin XL mattress. We have mattresses layered with different types of memory foam, and mattresses that contain complex networks of innersprings. We also have hybrid mattresses, which are a combination of memory foam and innerspring, as well as mattresses that contain latex foam for a more luxurious and supportive feel. Many of our twin XL mattresses are also compatible with adjustable beds.

What Else You Should Know About Our Twin XL Mattresses

At City Mattress, we understand that every sleeper has different needs, which is why we have so many beds for you to choose from. Our job is to help you get a good night’s sleep, and all our twin XL beds are designed to do that.

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