Bedgear Pillows

About BedGear Pillows

With a deeply-rooted understanding of how personal sleep is, BedGear® products aim to help rejuvenate both your mind and body all night long for better performance throughout the day. 

When the son of BedGear’s CEO developed allergies early in life, he needed to find special hypoallergenic bedding that would allow him to sleep more peacefully. This new requirement led him to discover that the materials felt stuffy and hot, which did not improve his nights and made them worse. A lack of available options directed the fed-up father to cut up breathable lacrosse shorts and sew them together as sheets for his sleep-deprived son, resulting in his epiphany to create their own performance bedding line.

Your Options with BedGear Pillows

Incorporating a variety of patented technologies that help to improve sleep, you’re sure to discover the perfect pillow that fulfills your wants and needs within our BedGear® collection. From React® breathable foam to Ver-Tex® instantly cooling fabric and Dri-Tec® moisture-wicking technology, each of BedGear’s innovative, high-quality bed pillows are specially engineered with one-of-a-kind materials so that you can experience the sleep of your dreams. Available in your choice of high, mid, and low loft levels and uniquely supportive silhouettes, our assortment of performance pillows offer the flawless support your head, neck, and shoulders need whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or all of the above. If you tend to be a hot sleeper, BedGear’s Glacier Cooling Performance Pillow is an ideal choice with its cool-to-the-touch cover, air vents, and mesh side panels. If you need targeted support, the Level Curved Performance Pillow perfectly cradles to improve spinal alignment, and the Multi-Position Performance Pillow accommodates all sleep styles and positions.

What Else You Should Know About BedGear Pillows

Doing their part to reduce environmental impact, BedGear® participates in the carbon-neutral initiative by planting a mangrove tree for every order placed, eliminating all CO2 generated by package shipping. Combining the distance of your order, weight of the package, and mode of transportation for delivery, BedGear® will plant enough trees to offset the total amount of carbon emission produced by each order. Aside from allowing you to shop with an eco-friendly advantage, planting these trees helps the local Madagascar villagers by creating work for those in need.