Fiber Pillows

About Fiber Pillows

The right pillow is paramount for a good night’s sleep. You want your head to be cradled in the perfect position as you nod off, and you want it to stay comfortable throughout the night. This means keeping your shoulders and neck aligned as well. For many sleepers, regardless of their preferred sleep position, a fiber pillow provides this.

Fiber Pillow Materials

If you’re looking for the feel of a down pillow, without the price tag attached, you’re looking for a fiber pillow. Fiber pillows offer synthetic alternatives to down. They provide a more affordable hypoallergenic option, while still providing the cushiness, loftiness and softness.

Your Options with Fiber Pillows

City Mattress offers fiber pillows from top brands like PureCare and Glideaway. The Glideaway Quest Memory Comfort Fiber Pillow is available in both low profile and high profile. Constructed in a unique comfort curve design, this hypoallergenic pillow flawlessly contours to your body and provides superior pressure relief. The memory comfort fiberfill is lightweight and flexible with a medium-firm feel, which prevents clumping. Blending wellness and cooling comfort, Pure Care's Sub-0° Gel-egant pillow is a sculpted cooling gel and memory foam pillow that flawlessly cradles the neck and spine curves for pressure-relieving support

What Else You Should Know About Fiber Pillows

Gel fiber is made to feel just like down. It is pleasantly plush and fluffy, while still providing the support and firmness you need to wake up without aches and pains. It also washes easily.

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