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About Tencel Sheets & Pillowcases

Buying linens can be a confusing task. The options are plenty, and the differences can make a big difference. Yet it’s important for your sleep and your health to make the right decision for you. A lot of that decision comes down to the material they’re made of. You’ll certainly want to look into Tencel.

Tencel Sheets & Pillowcase Material

Tencel is a brand name describing rayon or lyocell. It’s a fabric made out of cellulose from wood, often from eucalyptus trees. It’s a fairly new innovation to the bedsheet market, first developed in 1972 and gaining popularity ever since. Rather than being woven out of fibers from the cotton plant, Tencel fibers are created from the pulp of eucalyptus wood. These fibers are woven together to create an extremely strong yet smooth fabric.

Your Options with Tencel Sheets & Pillowcases

We carry Tencel linens options from PureCare and Malouf. Naturally, cool-to-the-touch with gentle, luxurious comfort, PureCare's premium Tencel sheet set offers a softer than silk feel. With enhanced breathability and the perfect fit, these sheets were created for lasting softness and reliability. They're treated for antimicrobial benefits and block bacteria and stains for a healthier night's sleep. Silky soft and naturally pure, Tencel bed linens will ensure you sleep is refreshingly comfortable. These sheets pamper your skin and balance moisture and temperature. You’ll be cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

What Else You Should Know About Tencel Sheets & Pillowcases

Tencel is typically sourced from renewable eucalyptus trees. Making fabric from this pulp is often more efficient than doing so from cotton plants. The growing and cultivating of these eucalyptus trees keep an eye toward staying environmentally conscious, reducing the need for pesticides or irrigation.

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