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Elevate your sleep comfort and support while receiving the benefits and extending the durability of your mattress with our curation of adjustable bases, box springs, bed frames, foundations, and bunkie boards. Whether you suffer from joint pain, read in bed, need a heavy-duty bed frame, or simply prefer a more customized sleep experience, City Mattress always has you covered. Choose from various sizes, features, and technologies to suit your needs, improve sleep quality and health, enhance relaxation, provide superior stability, and offer seamless integration. Best of all, City Mattress offers free local delivery and setup, so you won’t have to worry about moving your new mattress foundation or bed base!

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Aireloom mattress on adjustable bed base Aireloom mattress on adjustable bed base

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable bed bases aren't just about comfort. Raising your head and torso can alleviate snoring and aid in reducing the instance of acid reflux. For models with foot adjustment, elevating your feet can improve circulation in your lower legs as well. Additionally, some adjustable beds allow you to achieve the "zero gravity" position, in which pressure is relieved from your hips and lower back.

Serta mattress on adjustable bed base Serta mattress on adjustable bed base

What Else You Should Know About Adjustable Beds

Depending on the model, some adjustable bed bases include a preset "zero gravity" position so you can achieve hip and lower back pain relief at the touch of a button. This is often coupled with a single-touch preset to return to a flat position. The more advanced adjustable beds even allow for custom presets, so you can program your favorite positions for watching TV, reading or anything else.

Beautyrest mattress on adjustable bed base Beautyrest mattress on adjustable bed base

Our Adjustable Bed Options

City Mattress offers a variety of adjustable bed bases to fill most any need. You'll find models that adjust the head or foot across the entire bed, while others are split so you and your partner can adjust your positions independently. The most advanced models of adjustable beds feature snore detection and automatic adjustment in your sleep! Furthermore, some include a handy app for your Android or iOS device so you can track the quality of your sleep and get useful feedback on how to improve it.

Beautyrest Black Series Mattress on adjustable base Beautyrest Black Series Mattress on adjustable base

The Ultimate Lifestyle Upgrade

Adjustable bases transform your bedroom into a haven of
comfort and rejuvenation with personalization at your fingertips. Imagine melting into zero-gravity comfort as you drift off or scrolling through your phone with perfect posture in bed. Built-in USB ports keep devices charged, while under-bed lighting adds a touch of modern luxury. Lifestyle bases make lying in bed a luxurious experience you won't want to escape. Explore the next
level of rest.

Adjustable base with white sheets and pillows Adjustable base with white sheets and pillows

Invest in a Happier, Healthier You

Designed to cater to your health needs and improve overall well-being, our adjustable bases invite you to a new era of nightly regeneration. A tailored experience with precise positioning, sleep insights, and soothing massages, power bases aim to transform by targeting pressure points, optimizing breathing, boosting circulation, easing pain, and more. The result? You’ll unlock peak performance and the deep sleep you dream of.

Young couple on a Rio adjustable bed Young couple on a Rio adjustable bed

Superior Sleep for All

A good night's sleep is essential for everyone at every
stage of life. But what if your current sleep system isn't cutting it? Imagine a bed that transforms to meet your exact needs—an adjustable base can be the game-changer you've been searching for. Proven to improve comfort and overall sleep quality, power bases accommodate individual desires, regardless of age. With a wide range of features and price points, there's a perfect match for anyone and any bedroom. Plus, they work with most mattresses and fit seamlessly within most bed frames!