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About Our Adjustable Friendly Mattresses

Adjustable friendly mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds, which allow the user to manipulate the angle of the foot and head of the bed. Being able to change the incline of your mattress has a surprising number of benefits. It can reduce snoring and improve symptoms of sleep apnea, back pain, acid reflux and edema. Adjustable mattresses can also improve breathing and provide arthritis relief. And those are just the health benefits. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these health issues, adjustable friendly mattresses allow you to be more comfortable while sitting in bed watching TV, reading or working on your laptop. Some of our adjustable beds even have built-in massage therapy. Whether you want to improve your health, increase the luxury of your surroundings or do a little bit of both, City Mattress will help to find the best adjustable mattress for you.

Our Adjustable Friendly Mattress Options

We have adjustable mattresses made of memory foam, innerspring, latex and hybrids. In addition to the interior of your mattress, you can also choose the top layer. We offer firm, plush and pillow top comfort layers. Eight of the brands we carry offer mattresses for adjustable beds: Aireloom, PranaSleep, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic and our very own City Mattress brand. With so many brands to choose from, we have adjustable friendly mattresses to accommodate almost any budget.

What Else You Should Know About Our Adjustable Friendly Mattresses

If you sleep with a partner but you each have different preferences when it comes to the angle of your mattress, we offer split king adjustable beds. These beds are king size, but hold two adjacent twin mattresses instead of one. This allows two people to have the heads and feet of their beds raised to different angles. Also, because split king adjustable beds hold two twin beds, you and your partner can select different mattresses. For example, if you prefer a firm memory foam mattress but they prefer a pillow top innerspring mattress, you can both get what makes you the most comfortable while you sleep. With our wide range of options and prices, you’re sure to find your perfect adjustable friendly mattress at City Mattress.

Learn More About Adjustable Friendly Mattresses

Nearly all of our mattresses here at City Mattress are able to be paired with an adjustable bed base. Be sure to look for the "adjustable friendly" icon on the product description page to know for sure.

Adjustable beds can pair just fine with thin mattresses. Thicker mattresses, on the other hand, may create issues as the bed won't be able to bend properly. It's best to get something around 10 to 12 inches thick, but no thicker than that.

An adjustable bed base lifts the top and bottom of the mattress, the head and foot sections, between 40 and 70 degrees. This creates a more comfortable shape for you to sleep, read, and watch TV.

Yes! Not only are adjustable beds more comfortable to read or watch tv in, they also offer a whole host of health benefits. They've been known to help with Sleep Apnea, snoring, back pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, and more.

Sleeping on an adjustable bed can help with Sleep Apnea, snoring, back pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, and more. They also make it easier to find a comfortable sleep position.

Adjustable bases can be added to nearly all mattresses. The ideal mattress for an adjustable bed base can bend and flex while maintaining its structural integrity. Usually memory foam, latex foam, and traditional innersprings allow for this.

Do not worry! If you have small children or pets, know that adjustable beds can sense if anyone or anything is in contact with the inner workings of the mechanical components. It will cease motion to prevent any injury.

One of the most commonly appreciated health benefits of adjustable beds is reducing back pain. This is only the beginning! It will also allow you to breathe better when you sleeping, reducing snoring and waking up.

When you have an adjustable bed base in a King size, you can actually choose two Twin XL mattresses and have the size of the beds raise independently. You and your partner can choose two totally different mattress, from the comfort feel to even the brand. The choice is yours!

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