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About Sealy Mattresses

Sealy uses Posturepedic Technology in their mattresses to provide you the right kind of support while you sleep. Posturepedic Technology was designed with the help of orthopedic specialists and is exclusive to their products. Because 50 percent of your weight rests in the center of the mattress while you sleep, Posturepedic Technology was developed to target, support and reinforce your back and core.

Sealy Materials

Sealy uses only durable, high-quality foams that maximize comfort to make their mattresses, including SealyCushion Air Foam, SealyCool Gel Foam, SealyChill Gel Memory Foam, Sealy Comfort Sense Foam and Sealy Immersion Advanced Memory Foam.

Your Options with Sealy Mattresses

Everyone has different needs when it comes to comfort and sleep. That’s why with Sealy, you can choose a Sealy mattress model that is ultra-firm, firm, cushion firm, plush or ultra-plush. Prices range from affordable comfort to premium luxury, depending on your budget.

The Sealy Response Line of Innerspring Mattresses includes precisely engineered coils that provide support, stability and alignment.

The Sealy Conform Line of Memory Foam Mattresses maximizes comfort and support by using several types of foam layers that provide a body-hugging feel while you sleep.

For the perfect combination of the Response Line and the Conform Line, Sealy Hybrid Line of Mattresses features innerspring technology and memory foam to deliver the most comfortable sleep possible.

Each of these three Sealy mattress lines includes three collections or levels, Sealy Essential Collection is affordable while still providing quality and comfort. Sealy Performance Collection is a step up and includes Posturepedic Technology for added support. The Sealy Premium Collection is the most luxurious of the three collections and provides the highest level of durability and support. Sealy Premium Collection also includes Posturepedic Technology and their innovative cover material.

What Else You Need to Know About Sealy

Throughout their 130 years in the business, Sealy has sold millions of mattresses. Their American-manufactured products have been helping people sleep better as long as they’ve been around. City Mattress carries Sealy products that are made to last, so they come with warranties of up to 10 years.

Learn More About Sealy Mattresses

Sealy mattresses use AirFeel foam, AirCool gel memory foam and SurfaceCool fibers to help regulate body temperature and promote airflow while you sleep.

Yes! These mattresses are adjustable friendly.

One of our most popular options in the collection is the Sealy Response Lavina. The Lavina is a cushion firm innerspring mattress with a reinforced center third in the middle of the mattress. It features a dense layer of SealyCool™ Gel Memory foam. The perimeter is a DuraFlex™ Edge, a double row of smaller coils that adds more support and provides an even surface. The Quilt package has a ComfortLoft™ Cover with MoistureProtect™ Technology, woven into the fibers to draw away moisture. The comfort layers provide a cushioned firm feel, a nice balance of comfort and support. No wonder it is so popular!

When it comes to choosing a Sealy vs Serta mattress, there are people on either side. Everyone has different needs when it comes to comfort and sleep. The choice is yours! The only person who can settle the Sealy Hybrid vs Serta iComfort debate for you.. is you! We sell many mattresses from each of these brands every year.

Yes. "Orthopedic" simply means it is good for keeping your head, neck, and spine properly aligned, which these mattresses do.

Yes, Sealy makes its Posturepedic mattresses with a combination of memory and gel foam. This memory foam combines superior support with soft materials that contour to your body and adjust to your size, shape and sleeping position.

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