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Brand Highlight: Sealy Mattress


Tempur + Sealy logo sign out side of the Tempur-Sealy International, Inc. headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.

No matter your familiarity with mattress brands, chances are you’ve at least heard of Sealy. That’s because for over 140 years, people have trusted Sealy with their sleep comfort. In fact, over 100 million Sealy mattresses have been sold in that time! That’s a strong testament to the quality of an enduring brand.

What Sets Sealy Apart?

It starts with history. In 1881, Daniel Haynes of Sealy, TX, a cotton gin builder by trade, began making cotton-filled mattresses for friends. Eight years later he invented a machine to compress cotton, and he licensed its use for others to make “mattresses from Sealy.” It only grew from there.

As noted in our Sealy mattress brand guide, Sealy remained a trusted brand through all the ups and downs of the century that followed. In 1950, Sealy presented their new Posturepedic Technology, a technology that continues to advance and provide targeted support for many sleepers today! When you consider all of the history in that time, to still be in business and at the forefront of sleep technology is a marvelous feat indeed. 

Introducing Posturepedic Technology

When you lay on a mattress, your weight is distributed unevenly due to the natural shape of our bodies. In fact, Sealy designed their patented Posturepedic Technology because 50% of your weight rests in your mattress’ middle as you sleep. So when you hear the term “targeted support” with Posturepedic Technology, it means extra support is given where it’s needed most – your back and core.

Your mattress is the first step in creating your ultimate sleep space, and there are many great options from Sealy mattresses.

Medium Firm

If you prefer your mattress to be “not too soft, not too firm,” the Sealy Golden Elegance Etherial Cushion Firm Mattress is an excellent place to start. It begins with a firm foundation of Sealy’s Stability™ Coil system, which provides strong support and reduces motion transfer. Add to that Sealy’s StableEdge™ Pro System, which strengthens the mattress border for stable sitting and extended sleep space. On top of these are layers of firm support foam and quilted layers that combine to give this mattress a medium firm feel, or a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Soft Support

Some sleepers want their mattress to feel more like a cloud, where the soft surface envelops and cushions them to sleep. If this sounds like you, the Sealy Golden Elegance Gilded Breath Plush Pillow Top Mattress may be just the thing. It includes most of the same features as our previous entry, including a firmer core, but the softer comfort layers offer a more cushioned experience. This is achieved through varied foam density, including gel foams, for just the right amount of softness. Of course, Sealy’s middle third core support is also present, a key feature of any Sealy mattress.

Firm Hybrid Technology

For a firmer than medium experience, the Sealy Elsanta Hybrid Firm Mattress brings hybrid technology to the fore. Building on Sealy’s proven encased innerspring system, this mattress includes DualFlex™ Coil Edge Support, which improves the durability and flexibility of the mattress edge. Specialized memory and gel foams combine to provide firm support while still hugging the body for pressure relief. All of this is topped with SealyChill™ and Surface-Guard Technology™ cover for a cooler surface that also protects the mattress.

Hybrid Softness

Our last entry remains in the Elsanta family but uses hybrid technology to soften your sleep. The Sealy Elsanta Hybrid Soft Mattress uses the same innerspring and foam support as its firmer counterpart, but adds 2 ½ inches of extra-soft foam for a surface you can sink into. The cover’s SealyChill™ technology helps your body stay cool while being embraced, so you can have cloud-like plushness without getting too warm. 

Which Sealy is Right for You?

Furthermore, Sealy mattresses come in a range of technologies and firmness levels to address your specific needs. Whether you suffer from back pain and need extra firm support or simply need pressure relief for no soreness in the morning, there’s a Sealy mattress that will fit your life. They’ve been doing it for over 140 years!

If you’re not sure what you need, City Mattress can be your guide. Our talented and well trained Sleep Experts will ask the right questions and match you with the right mattress to significantly improve your sleep. Let us help you in your search for your next mattress and you’ll feel the difference of a quality night’s rest.