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What are the Properties of a Hybrid Mattress?


Golden Retriever lays across a DreamCloud Hybrid Matterss in modern bedroom with white bedding and pillows and wooden floors

Years ago, all mattresses were made from metal springs. Innerspring mattresses have evolved over the decades, but have remained essentially the same. They either come with individually pocketed coils or open coils that are placed throughout the base of the mattress. The rest of the bed is made with a cotton fabric blend and additional foam for added comfort. These innerspring mattresses, then and now, provide a comfortable and very supportive sleeping surface. 

Then in the 1960’s, memory foam was invented by NASA and eventually made its way into being a popular mattress option. Memory foam mattresses are well known for body hugging comfort. The material's ability to displace pressure from your body’s joints lead to a reduction in aches and pains. You sink right into the foam, enveloping you in cozy comfort. Memory foam also has low motion transfer, which means your partner won’t wake you by rolling over or getting up early for work.

As great as these mattress options are, each comes with some features that some people find displeasing. For example, years ago memory foam mattresses were known to make people get too warm as they slept. Mattress manufacturers have been tackling this issue and come up with some pretty impressive solutions. One of these is the development of an entirely new type of mattress. If you think innerspring and memory foam are your only two options, you’ll be happy to know there is a third: hybrid mattresses. A hybrid mattress combines the benefits of the two other types, making many sleepers feel like they’re getting the best of both!

What is the difference between a hybrid and other mattresses?

A hybrid car is one that uses gasoline for long trips but can switch to electric power for short trips and driving at low speeds. It uses two kinds of fuel. This same mentality applies to hybrid mattresses. A hybrid mattress is a mattress that uses two or more different types of support systems. Most often, a hybrid mattress combines the properties of an innerspring mattress with a memory foam mattress. Many sleepers enjoy the firmness and support of innerspring mattresses, while loving the soft, pain-relieving benefits provided by memory foam mattresses. If you opt for a hybrid mattress, you don’t need to choose! Read our guide for choosing the best hybrid mattress.

The construction of a hybrid mattress

While each and every mattress is a little different, the basics of a hybrid mattress involve three layers. They are:

Base layer

The base layer of a hybrid bed is typically a layer made of foam. This bottom layer acts as the “bedrock” and offers both stability and padding. It’s usually about an inch thick.

Support layer

The core of the mattress is where you’ll find the innersprings. This support layer, composed of pocket-wrapped springs and coils, is somewhere around 8-inches thick. These springs provide the support and firmness you love so much in a traditional innerspring mattress.

Top layer

You have the support, now it’s time for the comfort. This is found in the top layer of a hybrid mattress. Anywhere between three and four inches at the top of the mattress is another layer of memory foam. This may also be latex foam, depending on the exact brand mattress you choose.

Who are hybrid mattresses good for?

In short- everyone! Hybrid mattresses are quickly becoming one of the most popular mattress types as more and more people learn of their benefits. In the Consumer Buying Behavior 2019 Home Furnishings Report by Furniture Today, 19 percent of respondents preferred a hybrid mattress. This was tied with memory foam mattresses and higher than innerspring mattresses.

One reason for their popularity is because they’re one of the best mattresses for side sleepers, which is the recommended sleeping position by health experts. The memory foam top layer reduces pressure points and contours your body, allowing you to lie comfortably without a too-firm surface. That’s not to say hybrid mattresses are only for side sleepers. Hybrid mattresses are enjoyed by stomach sleepers and back sleepers as well, particularly those who suffer from back, neck, and hip pain. 

Your options for a hybrid mattress at City Mattress

When you are shopping for a new mattress, make City Mattress your first stop! We have a variety of hybrid mattress options, made from top brands like Nectar and Tempur-Pedic. Simmons Beautyrest has an entire collection of hybrid mattresses, meaning you can choose a hybrid and have the option of Plush, Medium, Medium Firm, or Firm comfort feel. The Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Ultra Plush features the world's premier support system, the exclusive patented T3 Pocketed Coil® for comfortable support. The BlackICE™ Hybrid Technology brings you the most advanced cooling technologies to help maintain the right temperature so that you can sleep cooler and more soundly throughout the night. Plus, you will also enjoy the added support, response, and pressure point relief of Beautyrest's Self Response™ Latex.

If you are ready to feel a hybrid mattress for yourself, come in and lie down on one!