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Leesa vs Nectar: Which One is a Better Mattress for you?


Leesa vs Nectar Mattress

So-called “bed in a box” mattress options have exploded in popularity in recent years. While this type of mattress was already gaining steam, the Coronavirus Pandemic and a year spent “safer at home” rather than shopping in stores has cemented this option as a great choice for modern shoppers. Essentially, a bed in a box mattress is exactly what it sounds like. This mattress is all about convenience and simplicity. You can order a bed in a box mattress online and it will arrive at your doorstep in a big box. It's compressed, rolled, and packaged in a way that you take it out of the box and set it up yourself. Arriving in a box makes maneuvering tight spaces like stairways and corners much easier. Plus, they are typically less expensive than a traditional mattress.

When shopping for this type of mattress, you have several good options. Two of the top brands include a Leesa mattress and a Nectar mattress. Is one better than the other? Are all brands selling pretty much the same product? Let’s answer these questions by breaking down Leesa vs Nectar and looking at the differences.

A Quick Guide to a Leesa Mattress 

This brand offers three options: the original mattress, the hybrid mattress, and the “legend” mattress which boasts premium materials. The original is an all-foam mattress made with three layers of foams for cooling, contouring, and pressure-relief. The hybrid option adds a layer of pocket springs for a bit of additional support. The top-of-the-line is the Leesa Legend Mattress. This luxury hybrid mattress has two layers of springs within the core for edge support. The top layer of foam offers medium-firm comfort for a mixture of hugging and bounce. This Legend mattress comes with a sustainable mattress cover, made from organic cotton, Merino wool, and fiber from recycled water bottles.

Learn About Nectar Mattresses

Nectar believes that better sleep makes all the difference for a healthier and happier life, and their mattresses are specifically designed to make this happen. That’s why their driving mission is to give you the best rest, night after night. Since their founding in 2002, Nectar’s mission has been to make better sleep possible for everyone. This is a mission we share with them and we have evaluated their mattresses as among the very best in the segment.

Nectar mattresses are made from premium materials. By working closely with their production facilities around the world, they source only the highest quality materials for their mattresses. This is just one way the brand shows they are dedicated to delivering products that help you sleep better and live happier! One of these materials is their gel memory foam. Gently cradling from head-to-toe, the gel memory foam layer in a Nectar mattress lends consistent support, enveloping ease, and minimal motion transfer. There is also a Nectar hybrid option, meaning beyond the great memory foam it also has a support system of individually-wrapped coils. This is designed with a heavy-duty rim reinforcing the edge's resistance.

Pressure relief is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress. Nectar knows this and so their mattresses are designed specifically with this in mind. These materials are great for reducing motion transfer, which means you won’t be too bothered by your bed mate’s movements in the night. Built with thick top layers of gentle memory foam, these mattresses are known for their softness, support, and deep pressure relief.

Leesa vs Nectar

When looking to compare the two options, it is often helpful to hear what other sleepers have said. Just recently, Tania H. said “I love my new DreamCloud mattress. I am sleeping better than ever on it. It is everything I heard it was!” Manny C. called the same mattress, “One of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever experienced.” Clearly, Nectar has a lot of satisfied customers!

What about Leesa mattress, though? Do people leave rave reviews about this brand as well? The Leesa mattresses are indeed good and feature some high-quality components. That being said, they are a better match for certain types of people over others. Those who like a foam feel and sleep on their side may enjoy a Leesa mattress. People who need their mattress to be extra supportive, like those who sleep on their stomach or suffer from chronic back pain, don’t seem to like this brand nearly as much. One of the top sentiments found across the internet is that Leesa mattresses are soft. For some people, they’re simply too soft and don’t offer the pressure relief they need to sleep well.

There’s also the price to compare. Leesa’ hybrid option in a queen size is priced at over $1,500 on their website. A comparable Nectar hybrid, on the other hand, is over $500 cheaper than that when you buy it through our website. That’s a pretty big difference. It is no wonder that Nectar is one of the fastest growing mattress brands! 

Your Options at City Mattress

Because this new type of mattress offers so many benefits to our shoppers, we give you many options to shop for a new bed in a box mattress. We carry top name brands, including Nectar. Everyone has different needs when it comes to comfort and sleep. That’s why with the Nectar brand purchased through City Mattress, you can choose a mattress model that is a classic memory foam, lush memory foam, or luxury hybrid model. Prices range from affordable comfort to premium luxury, depending on your budget. Nectar created incredible high-quality mattress and bedding essentials, all of which are offered at the most competitive pricing possible. 

Are you looking for a new mattress but not sure where to start? You can rest assured we'll help you choose the right mattress for you. Whether you opt for the Classic Memory Foam Mattress, Premier Lush Memory Foam Mattress, or the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress mentioned above, you can’t go wrong buying a new Nectar mattress. For a bed in a box, this is surely one of your top options!