About Our Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas are prized for their practicality — the compact design makes them perfect for small spaces such as spare rooms, efficiencies and cozy apartments. When you have guests, you want to put them up right, not squeeze them into cramped spaces. City Mattress’s sleeper sofas are perfect for the job. Each piece is stylish yet functional. By day, they’re an integral part of a modern, well-appointed living area. At night, open them up to a bed ranging in size from full to king. Traditional beds take up a lot of space, which is at a premium in big cities. If you live in an efficiency, a sleeper sofa is a perfect solution. Not only does it maximize space, it looks better too. In an efficiency, you can’t simply shut the door on your unmade bed — it’s front and center 24/7. But with a sleeper sofa, you can just hop up in the morning and quickly tuck the entire bed away.

Our Sleeper Sofa Options

At City Mattress, we have six sleeper sofas to choose from, so it’s easy to find one to match your taste and space, as well as your budget. We offer various styles and sizes from Luonto, including a sectional sleeper sofa. Designs range from simple to chic to contemporary, so you can get just the look you want. Our sleeper sofas are made with organic materials, so you never have to worry about allergies or sensitivities. Each piece, individually built by Scandinavian craftsmen, is made to last.

What Else You Need to Know About Our Sleeper Sofas

City Mattress’s sleeper sofas are a breeze to open and close, so you never have to struggle with a heavy mattress. All of our sleeper sofas are fully padded as well, so when you or your guests are sleeping, you won’t come into contact with wood or metal parts. Sleeper sofas can be notoriously heavy, but when you buy one from City Mattress, you don’t have to worry how you’ll get it home. We provide free delivery and set up with every sleeper sofa we sell. We even take away your old bed or sofa for a small extra fee. Get your sleeper sofa at City Mattress today.

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