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Upgrade Your Guest Room Before the Holidays


Is your guest room ready?

The kids are back to school, football season has begun, and there’s even a chill in the air! Autumn is here! You know that right behind fall comes the holidays, which brings many out-of-town guests to your home. Your friends and family who come to stay with you during the festivities deserve to have a great place to sleep!

You put a lot of energy and thought into getting the perfect mattress for your own room. Have you stopped to consider what the mattress is like in your guest room? Beyond the mattress itself, there may be other ways to refresh the room before a busy season. If you haven’t done so recently, now is the time to put some thought into it! 

#1 - Find a supportive, comfortable mattress

 Your mattress is what allows your body to reach the deep, restorative sleep you need- each and every night. That is exactly what you want to provide your guests as well. We have over 80 mattress options to choose from, including incredible brands like PranaSleep, Tempur-Pedic, and Aireloom, just to name a few. We also have our own City Mattress Parks Collection. These mattresses all come with a 90-night comfort guarantee that your guests will feel snug and cradled in comfort, or else you can easily switch it out for something that works better. Beyond this, most of our mattresses come with a 5- to15-year manufacturer warranty that it will stay in great shape for many holidays to come.

#2 - Bedroom Furniture

If your bedroom furniture is past its prime, order it all at once. We are way more than just a mattress store. We truly sell everything you, or your guests, need to sleep. This includes the bedroom furniture itself. Whatever home decor look you’re after, we carry a brand and style you’ll adore. We also stock a few bed choices with storage built right in, perfect for keeping your guest room clear of clutter when extra suitcases arrive.

#3 - Linens & Pillows

Don’t forget the linens, pillows, and other accessories. The perfect time to purchase a new mattress is also the right occasion to get brand new sheets, pillows, mattress pad, and anything else your bed needs. A nice set of linens can really elevate the look and feel of a new mattress, and when added with the right pillows and mattress pad, your guests won’t ever want to leave! We have the options that deliver the comfort you want to provide to your guests. Our soft and high-quality linens, pillows, and other mattress accessories can help your guests get the good night’s sleep they need after a flight or long holiday party.

#4 - Bedroom Space

No room for complete bedroom set? No problem! Particularly for those who’s guest room isn’t slept in that often, many homeowners use their extra bedroom as a home office or den to watch television in. This leaves little space for a queen or king bed. There is a great solution for people in your situation. Sleeper sofas are incredibly practical. The compact design makes them a perfect seating area that quickly and easily pulls flat to create a comfortable sleeping surface. City Mattress stocks Luonto Furniture Sleeper Sofas, with pieces that are both incredibly stylish and well-made. We have recently added other brands to our stock as well, including Pallisar.

#5 - Set the entire room up for sleep success

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. When you add in needing to travel on top of that, it’s easy to see why your guests would need to have the perfect sleep oasis! Yes, the mattress is the most important part of setting up a room ideal for them to sleep in. There’s many other things you can do to create the perfect sanctuary as well, like putting calming candles or essential oils in the room, painting it a soothing blue color, placing a warm rug on the floor, and more.
After your out-of-town guests spend a few nights in your guest room, your home will be their vacation spot! You don’t want to wait any longer to get the room set up just the way it should be. Visit your nearest City Mattress location and choose your favorite mattress, along with bedding, pillows, bedroom furniture, and anything else you need to create the perfect guest room. Remember, we offer free, next-day delivery on anything that is in stock. This includes all mattress collections, linens and pillows, and even high-quality bedroom furniture!

And don’t forget- if you haven’t yet upgraded your own mattress, you can do that now. Once you pick out the absolute best mattress for your sleep comfort style and budget, you can move your current mattress into the guestroom. Everyone wins that way!