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Creating Your Perfect Sleep Oasis Using Your 5 Senses


Sleep Oasis

It’s no surprise that your sleep is incredibly important to your overall health, and also that you should make every effort to get your seven to eight hours each night. Thankfully, there is quite a bit you can do to ensure that you get the sleep your body needs. In order to achieve your best night of sleep, you need to set up the environment around you in a way that creates your perfect sleep sanctuary. It’s not difficult to remember what to focus on. According to Sleep Science Coach and founder of Sleep Science Academy, Devin Burke, all you need to do is remember your five senses! 

SMELL Scents And Sleep

Medical researchers are further discovering the chemistry behind why and how certain smells affect your body, making you hungry, happy, and yes- even sleepy. There is an array of smells that can help you relax, plus make it easier for you to get to sleep and sleep more soundly. These scents can be found in essential oils, concentrated formulations of aromatic plant compounds, as well as candles and even sachets of potpourri you hang on your bed frame. Lavender, Vanilla, and Jasmine are all popular for their relaxing qualities. 

SEE Tranquil, Serene Bedroom Colors

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and one way to go about this is with the soothing vibes you can achieve through the use of color. Just like food, some colors are better at helping you fall asleep than others. Lavender, light greens, pale blues, and soft greys are the best according to home decor experts. Refresh your bedroom walls with one of these shades and see how your sleep patterns improve. If you’re not quite ready to take the leap of faith to fully paint the walls, consider adding a quilt, curtains, pillows, and other accessories in these calming colors first. 

FEEL Your Perfect Mattress Comfort

 What you actually feel when you lay down goes a long way to you getting tired and staying cool and comfortable enough to sleep through the night! At City Mattress, we have over 80 sleep comforts for you to choose from. Beyond just the size and brand of your mattress, you can actually choose how your new bed will feel. We carry firm, extra firm, plush, cush, and pillow top. You can feel these different comfort levels as soon as you lie down. You don’t necessarily need to choose a plush one to feel cozy or a firm one to get the alignment your back needs. What you need for a good night of restorative sleep is a supportive mattress, and this support can be found in all comfort levels. Come in and find the best one for you!

TASTE Foods That Help You Sleep

It isn’t just about “healthy foods,” as some foods that are good for you will still keep you up at night, like spicy peppers. Instead, find the foods that have sleep-promoting properties. This includes almonds, turkey, kiwi, cottage cheese, and fatty fish like salmon. It isn’t just food, of course. Try drinking tea before bed, particularly those flavors known to help aid in sleep. Chamomile Tea, Valerian Root Tea, and Lavender Tea are all well known for their ability to calm you and soothe you in the evening. If you don’t like tea, milk is another great option!

HEAR Soothing Music And Sounds

 Last but certainly not least is to listen to soothing sounds as you tell your mind it is time to begin thinking about sleep. What works best for you may take a little experimenting to find. Many people enjoy the sounds of the ocean or the rain. You may also prefer just white noise. There could be a certain musical artist or playlist that helps you to relax. The key could even be finding a great sleep meditation mantra on YouTube! Just like your mattress, you’ll find the option that is just right for you. 

Your sleep is so important; it is imperative that you begin to incorporate these expert tips in order to be able to get the restorative rest your body needs right away. And remember, whatever your sleep needs are, City Mattress is here to help! Stop into your nearest City Mattress location and speak to someone about making your bed and bedroom your perfect sleep oasis.